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Oresome Elements [DRAFT]




Project Overview

This interactive game provides pedagogical value to students and makes learning of the periodic table of elements and their properties actually fun..and very addictive!

Project Commissioner

Queensland Resources Council

Project Creator



Intunity did all work from concept, design, development, testing and deployment in-house. This was done with a team of 3.

Project Brief

Oresome Elements is an interactive iPad game that makes learning about the periodic table, elements and some of their properties and uses fun....seriously!

The game is aimed at secondary school students, but is just as much fun for anyone wanting to learn about elements and the periodic table.

There is a real push in Australia for technology to be used in the classroom and leverage the investment by education institutions in iPad.

The need here is to provide teachers with an app that helps their students to learn in a fun, visual and engaging way. Oresome Elements fills this brief extremely well. Play it for a few minutes and you will see how well it does!

Project Innovation / Need

The exciting part of the app is that it is actually engaging and still teaches the student a lot about the periodic table. This goes beyond learning by rote which is the more traditional way. The game gets students to understand the location of the elements, their symbols as well as their commonly found implementations.

If teachers are looking for a way to engage students to learn beyond rote, then this is an essential tool for them!

User Experience

There are three levels which represent Years 7-8, Years 7-10, Years 10-12.
The game is time based and as the user plays they are reminded of the high scores on the leaderboard which encourages them to try harder. As they learn the elements better, they are able to complete the game faster.
A lot of effort has gone into the game play to make sure the user wants to come back and try again, especially if battling out against their classmates!

Project Marketing

The goal of the app is to get high-school students to use the app and leverage the fact that a lot of schools are purchasing iPads en mass to use in the classroom.
Marketing of the app has largely been conducted via social media and the Education Department.
This is still quite early days as the campaign has not kicked off yet in ernest, but initial signs are certainly very positive.

This category relates to educational and family games developed for the mobile platform.
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