2011 Mobile Awards

mobile, web, IoT, desktop, connected devices
design champion, best studio, best start-up & IoT
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Key Dates

artist-app.com [DRAFT]




Project Overview

"Artist-App" is the perfect gateway to the iPhone world - for artists, singers, songwriters and bands of all genres. There are no programming skills required, just fill our easy to use, web based "Administration Tool" with your pictures, news, tour dates, MP3 files (including iTunes Store links), YouTube account information and much more and your very own App is done.




Mario Fischer
Lukas Pacha
Franz Bruckner

Project Brief

"Artist-App" is the perfect gateway to the iPhone world for artists of all genres. It's a very easy to use system - the content is delivered by a centralized server. A customer can enter the latest news, tour dates, photos, etc. as well as existing account information for Twitter and YouTube. Additional there is a media center, where you can provoke MP3 snippets with additional iTunes Store information. All this can be easily done with our "Administration Tool" on the web.

The App itself displays this provided information in a very intuitive way. Each App is customized with it's own icon and home screen (which can be edited at any time).

* show your latest news
* show tweets from you Twitter account
* present your news with optional pictures
* news can be shared by e-mail & Facebook/Twitter accounts
* include your tour dates with optional Google Maps® localization
* integrate links to ticket vendors
* embed your YouTube video channel
* XML interface to show news, events & galleries from your own website
* present your songs & sell them via iTunes
* show further links (official website, etc.)
* present your biography
* include more picture galleries
* provide ringtones & sell them via iTunes
* ready for app-store approval within 3 work days
* works on all iOS4 devices (also on iPod Touch)
* available in german & english
* now with optional user registration form
* managing the whole content yourself is easy

Project Innovation / Need

We're bringing new marketing channels to every artist out there. It's really easy for everyone to get a very own "Artist-App", it's highly customizable and affordable. We also want to support young artists and bands, so there is a "Newcomer Special" where they can get an own "Artist-App" at a very low price.

There are no programming skills required, so we're bringing the iPhone world out to everyone.

User Experience

We've got great feedback from the artists. Today, there are a lot of different Artist Apps out there, especially in Europe. We've got very popular artists too, including "Christina Stürmer" who is the most successful Austrian artist today.

Also the end-user feedback is very positive, f.e.:
5* - "Awesome App - What have i done without it!!!" (Six Tin Jonesy)
5* - "Awesome - This band rocks" (Six Tin Jonesy)
5* - "Must have for a bottlehead" (Alkbottle)
5* - "A great artist marketing tool - Great app for artists that actively market their work)" Temporary Gallery

Project Marketing

We've created "www.artist-app.com", a website which displays featured Artist Apps, the hard facts and two videos of the App itself and the "Administration Tool". There are 2-3 mail requests per week (coming from this website), what is a really high rate of feedback. Also there is some social marketing going on - every time a user posts a Facebook entry through the App, "via ArtistApp" is displayed.

This category relates to applications that are themed around music.
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