2013 Australian Craft Awards

Spirit of Giving [DRAFT]




In my work the simple stitch becomes a tool for examining the workings of our everyday lives.



I am an artist working in a range of textile and printmaking processes. I live in the Australian Capital Territory and regularly exhibit my work both locally and interstate. I graduated from the Australian National University School of Art, in 2006.


I like to photograph whatever captures my imagination – it can be quite quirky. My work looks closely at what is happening in my neighbourhood, all of it, not just the pretty façades.

I translate my photographs into images that are stitched onto canvas. This allows me to focus clearly on the key elements of each image and develop it into a strong, graphic design.

Each work is unique. Each work takes skill and patience to execute. I am committed to using hand stitching to make each piece of my work unique.

Design Challenge

What interests me most is making work about common objects and everyday scenes. The challenge is to capture the attention of the people looking at my work.

 This award celebrates creative and innovative craftsmanship for original display items. Consideration given to materials, concept, originality, function and aesthetic. May include for example ceramics and other decorative objects.

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