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NOW Awards February Winners Announced

26 February 2018

15 extraordinary design projects from across the world have been recognised in the inaugural NOW Awards. The series of monthly collections brings together a selection of extraordinary human-centred projects as they are released to the market. 

Curated by an advisory panel of global design giants, NOW brings together the newest projects, latest trends and inspiring futures across design, experience, tech and innovation.

NOW also forms a reference for innovation managers, design thinkers and practitioners to stay up date with the latest projects from across a broad perspective. 

According to Founder Mark Bergin “In a competitive environment it’s important to recognise extraordinary design when it’s released in to the market. Doing so grows project reputation but importantly provides the market with a collection of the most cutting edge human centred innovation.”

“NOW also enables marketers to get recognition for their extraordinary projects as they’re release to the market.” said Mr Bergin

Currently inclusion in the NOW awards is through curation, with the final selection achieved through a panel of industry expert judges. 

The NOW selection are also presented in a podcast with Mr Bergin and regular DRIVENxDESIGN contributor and SVP of Product & Experience at Aconex Kirsent Mann. 

The NOW Awards is a format shift from other successful annual DRIVENxDESIGN Awards programs. As well as recognising outstanding projects, NOW has been developed to grow the demand for a human centred approach to creating products, services and experiences that put the concerns of users and customers first. 

You can see the NOW Awards ONE collection and listen to the podcast here

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