2012 Melbourne Design Awards

Key Dates

Aves Insecta: Autumn/Winter 2012 [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Photography by Thom Kerr



Project Overview

Aves Insecta is the debut collection from Tettmann.Doust, which begins their anatomical study of birds and insects.
Inspired by a mutual curiosity in aesthetics associated with the study of nature, their fascination with birds and insects takes on a scientific charm as the two deconstruct various anatomies to create their own symmetries and systems.




Elke Doust & Naomi Tettmann

Project Brief

Inspired by naturalist illustrations of birds and insects, the collection features a mix of beautifully draped and softly structured garments that simultaneously express a dark sophistication and whimsical sense of wonder. Embellishments of hand worked beading and embroidery, original digital prints and an emphasis on luxe natural fabrics such as silk, bamboo and fine calf leather reveal an easy luxury central to the label’s ethos. The kaleidoscopic print pays homage to the vibrant plumage of the Rainbow Bee-eater and luminescent wings of the Christmas beetle, displayed against a contrasting backdrop of black in varying shades and textures.

Project Need

Tettmann.Doust attempt to dissolve the seasonality of fashion, by presenting collections which explore annual themes and pattern blocks, so that winter and summer may flow into one another seamlessly, promoting timelessness and longevity.
Style alone is not the primary motivation behind the label, rather to produce garments which deal foremost in a concept. Style follows intuitively, secondary to the idea itself, but not without consideration to accessibility and function.
Tettmann.Doust have developed new aesthetic values by combining seemingly disparate elements. By exploring the beauty of contrasts and opposites, and combining this with the inspiration they draw from the natural world, Tettmann.Doust provide a novel perspective through the harmonious marriage of their thought and skill. Seeking to bring craftsmanship and couture finishing to the ready to wear market, Tettmann.Doust indulge their dedication to artistic practices new and old.

Design Challenge

Designing from a creative perspective posed a great challenge in trying to determine a target market.
Tettmann.Doust does not wish to be a label informed solely by market needs, and with little experience in this area, the debut collection saw the label working backwards from the product in order to seek a sector of the market that would appreciate their work.
Growing awareness that a balance must be made between creating what is desired as artists and creating what the market demands has proved a valuable learning curve for the label in it’s infancy.


Tettmann.Doust believe that the direction of the fashion industry in general is not sustainable, due to the prevalence of fast, throw away fashion. They intend to try to break this trend by producing small quantities of garments which are not based on current fashion trends, but which will stand the test of time. Their onshore production ensures the support of local workers and their skills, in a time where more and more production is being taken offshore, and many local manufacturers are closing down.
Onshore production also cuts down on freight involved in sampling & production and enables Tettmann.Doust to oversee work at close hand, in order to maintain quality standards, and produce garments which will have longevity not only in terms of design, but also of make.

This award recognises personal apparel for sale in selected markets. Consideration given to functional and aesthetic aspects and the relationship to the human form.
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