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FAINT Magazine [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Alexandre Dubois // Amber Isabel // Antonella Arismendi // Una Burke // Bart Hess // KAT + DUCK // Tettmann.Doust // Aoi Kotsuhiroi // Anoush Abrar and Aimee Hoving // Lindsay Adler



Publication Overview

FAINT is a Fashion and Art magazine dedicated to showcasing both emerging and established artists and designers from across the globe. It strives to engage and inspire its readers through high-end fashion editorials, avant-garde imagery and exclusive features and interviews.




FAINT magazine was founded solely by fashion photographer Alexandre Dubois in October of 2010 as an online publication. By November 2011, after having released 5 consecutive issues, FAINT released it's first ever print publication entitled 'Distilled'.

Alexandre Dubois has had the pleasure of working with a very select handful of talented and committed writers such as Tully Walter and Tempe Bamford, who continue to raise the standard of written editorial content with every release.

To this day, every design element of FAINT (and it's website) including graphic design, creative art and design direction continues to be run entirely by Alexandre Dubois.

Editorial Brief

FAINT's primary focus remains on inspiring it's readers with every issue. By eliminating the global fascination with celebrity and trend, FAINT instead shifts it's attention to showcasing beauty in all it's forms and acts as a platform to bridge the gap between fashion, art and design.

Due to the independent nature of the publication, we strive to promote young, emerging talent and thoroughly encourage artists and designers alike to contact the magazine. We strongly believe in the freedom of creative expression and thought and through our contributors, we hope to engage in a dialogue reaffirming the necessity and importance of their craft.

Your Audience

Our readership is widely spread but more thoroughly concentrated throughout Australia, The United States and The United Kingdom and is generally aged between 18 - 34 years old.

Our readership is widely spread but more thoroughly concentrated throughout Australia, The United States and The United Kingdom and is generally aged between 18 - 34 years old.

The FAINT reader is expressive, curious and passionate - with an appreciation and interest in the visual arts and high end fashion photography. Our readers are drawn to FAINT due in part to it's conceptually driven content and analytical approach to it's written word. The pages of FAINT are a welcome form of escapism and offer our readers a source of inspiration, information and self-expression; without ever dictating an ideology.

Publication Innovation/Need

In today's era, promoting the work of emerging artists and designers has never been more important, as we are entering an age where boundaries are continually being tested and traditional artistic conventions are being challenged with the prevalence of modern technology. Art has always been known to follow an ever-changing trajectory in correlation to culture and society and it is our undertaking to document these changes.

A significant element that separates FAINT from other publications is our focus on the interview as a direct source of information to our readers, void of subjectivity, providing invaluable insight into the creators' thought processes to the technical aspects of design and construction. The underlying philosophy fuelling every issue of FAINT remains about promoting emerging talent from all creative disciplines, encouraging the art of collaboration and remaining focused on bridging the gap between Fashion, Art & Design as separate entities.


From the initial print run of Distilled, sustainability has been an important factor when producing our product. All our paper is FSC-certified, which means it's from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources, and acid-free. Our publications are also recyclable, making it easy on consumers and the environment. As well as releasing Luna Sea as a printed publication, we also made it available to purchase as a digital publication, in line with our 5 initial issues.

The Design Publication - Print must be produced specifically for the design community either professional or the design public. This award recognises the publication that is regarded as the best design publication. The publication must be printed.
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