2012 Melbourne Design Awards

Key Dates

Whispering Roots [DRAFT]

Image Credit : All shots are by PETER RYLE.



Project Overview

I was inspired by a woman who is civilisied, noble and appreciate with her roots. She will not trying to be whom she is not, rather to outshine of who she is. A sense of Silence, Subtlety and Fluid are the keys of this collection.




Lui Hon
Luka Maich

Project Brief

Whispering Roots represents the evolution of the LUI HON label, with this season’s focus on both practicality and aesthetics to paint a picture of nobility and serenity. The collection is a reflection of the designer’s heart to celebrate the past and embrace individual roots whilst travelling through life with confidence, individuality and style.

The hallmarks of the LUI HON look are still present: the in-built mechanisms that allow the wearer to experiment with the garment, the layers and twists, and the emphasis on balance of the silhouette. New elements like special wash suede have been injected to give this collection a new direction and perspective.

The emphasis on garment coordination is seen in how defined silhouettes are moderated thorough the use of wool crepes to soften structure and finished with leather to provide a complementary blend of texture.

Whispering Roots develops the language of LUI HON; it refines the pursuit of complexity made simple through the use of details and interplay of texture to reach the goal of graceful versatility.

Project Need

Wide brim hats that can be interchangeable in different colours resulted from the collaboration with renowned Milliner, Ricahrd Nylon and emphasized the brand’s commitment to practicality with a twist.

Design Challenge 

The most challenging aspect of the collection was striking a balance between the cutting edge and the timeless. The ability to effectively communicate high fashion and make it accessible (e.g. price point, lifestyle) to the market.


Sustainability is both design, business and consumer oriented. Sustainabie design is centred round the concept of transcendent style by which garments are created with the end use in mind. As such, pieces are interchangable and easily paired with new or old collections. Pieces are also designed to be worn in a variety of ways, so the wearer is allowed the freedom to interplay between the different methods.

The Lui Hon label also embraces local talent and supports local businesses. Students are given the opportunity to participate in the production of a Melbourne based label and design techiques are imparted to them.

This award recognises a strong aesthetic sense for pulling great looks together - someone who coordinates the clothing, jewellery and accessories used in fashion photography and catwalk presentation. May also work with an individual client to design a coordinated wardrobe of garments. Level of expertise in the current fashion market and future fashion trends taken into consideration.
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