2012 Melbourne Design Awards

Key Dates


Image Credit : Danielle Ashcroft



Project Overview

Stoxbox is a completely new, innovative product. Designed to help you easily see and store your hosiery.




Creator/ Inventor
Danielle Ashcroft

Danielle Ashcroft, Damien Joughin

Moss Tooling

Project Brief

Design a solution to the frustrating problem of a messy hosiery drawer.

It should be simple to use, aesthetically attractive and be completely innovative in its design and use.

Project Need

Most women will understand the frustration of a messy hosiery drawer and be perplexed that to date there has been no adequate solution to this problem

The morning preparation of getting dressed has been plagued with difficultly when trying to differentiate between stocking patterns, denier and leggings. (Particularly as most hosiery is black.)

Once removed from their packaging, hosiery is usually stored by rolling into a ball making it very difficult to differentiate without excess handling. This also contributes to hosiery damage and time wasting.

The STOXBOX solves this problem by allowing the user to easily see and store their hosiery.

We believe the STOXBOX is the first solution to this problem, designed in Australia with domestic and international potential.

The STOXBOX is so innovative it has a Patent Pending.

Design Challenge


Conceptualising an innovative solution to this problem in a simple, easy to use and an aesthetically pleasing design.

Challenges existed in the design of the tooling to achieve a smooth finish on all surfaces and edges. A requirement so that hosiery would not snag.


The STOXBOX has been manufactured and designed to be a high quality product.

Therefore promoting long term use and debunking the unsustainable idea of planned obsolescence.

The packaging is made from PET which is fully recyclable.

This award recognises a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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