2012 Melbourne Design Awards

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The Design Files [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Lucy Feagins on location at The Design Files Open House. Photo - Sean Fennessy



Publication Overview

The Design Files is Australia's most popular design blog, receiving 600,000 hits each month. Launched in 2008 by Lucy Feagins, the site covers design in all its forms, from architecture and home interiors to fine art, graphic design and illustration and everything in between.


The Design Files


The Design Files is by and large a one woman operation, although we do have a handful of excellent creatives and assistants who work on a contract basis. The website layout itself was designed by South South West (NEW LOOK launching July 2012!) and built by Lettuce Digital.

Editorial Brief

The Design Files promotes local design and creative happenings in a friendly, accessible way. We hope the products, places and creative people we cover on the site inspire TDF readers to support Australian artists, designers and creatives and buy locally designed things. We believe great design is for everybody and should be accessible to all.

Your Audience

The Design Files reaches an audience of 120,000 unique visitors a month. 94% of the readership is female. The majority of readers (47%) are 25yrs - 34yrs old, whilst 32% of readers are 35yrs - 44 yrs. 70% of readers live in Australia.

Publication Innovation/Need

The Design Files is unique because it covers a very broad spectrum of design in a very accessible way. We like to think of it as a trusted and 'friendly' publication. The delivery of our content, with daily updates, is a big part of the appeal - we engage with our readers daily and this makes for a really active, loyal readership who feel very personally connected to the site.


Being a digital offering, The Design Files has a very contained carbon footprint. We very rarely produce any physical product or printed material. We are based from a home office, which has been set up with sustainability and efficiency in mind. We use green energy and collaborate with contractors who work remotely. From accounting to admin to content production and delivery - all our 'paperwork' happens digitally!

The Design Publication - Online must be produced specifically for the design community either professional or the design public. This award recognises the publication that is regarded as the best design publication that is online or in digital format.
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