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Project Overview

TABS® is the digital revolution for recruitment and resourcing operations, delivering a step-change improvement in cost, time and user experience by removing the friction of getting the right people, with the right skills to where they need to be. TABS® allows, from your preferred device and location, securely and in real-time : bookings, resource requests, scheduling, timesheet management, accounting, reporting, compliance and messaging. TABS® is not limited to a specific sector or operation. Its scaleable and simple to customise for any sectors and any business that needs to manage shift based people, freelancers contractors.


Global iLabs Ltd


Greg Wixted
Greg is the founder and inventor in chief at Global iLabs. As an innovation and incubation specialist he spends his time advising clients, developing innovation programmes and helping business from multi-billion dollar companies to tech start-ups invent and innovate. To date, Greg has incubated 10 tech start-ups, mentored over 100 SME's and is the driving force behind the tabs® and innovation agency We Are Xpert

Paul Excell – Chief Tech Officer & Chairman
Paul is global technology pioneer, executive, author and Chairman. He was Chief Customer Innovation Officer, Group Technology Officer and VP Global Services at BT where he launched several innovative services and global businesses supporting revenues of $4B. Paul thrives on accelerating the sustained growth and transformation of innovative technology companies. He holds two Fellowships, chairs the BCS Entrepreneurs Board and is a regularly invited media and keynote speaker. Paul is an alumnus of London Business School, holds a Masters in Information Systems and an Honours degree in Electronic Engineering

Kelly Rogers – Project & Insights Director
Kelly has worked in innovation for 12 years on leading tech and telecom brands and is now chief writer of trends, insights and propositions at Xpert. Everything Kelly does in driven by insight and understanding of the next big thing to hit the market or consumer. This skill was invaluable at the inception of tabs® and is crucial in understanding which businesses will benefit most from tabs®.

Dr Bran Acimovic Technical Director
After graduating from the University of Belgrade, Bran spent 4 years at Brooke’s College Oxford MSc in Engineering software and PHD in Computing Vision at the age of 28. Bran is a true programming genius after creating his first game programme at the age of 10 on a Commodore 64. He has been described as an East European cross between Big Bang's Sheldon Cooper and Napster's Sean Parker. At the age of 30 Bran developed the world first Autosteroscopic viewing programme (3D without glasses), with another a young Russian programmer and was the first to deploy it for PUMA and The Discovery Channel

Jack Harris – Creative Director
Jack studied English at Bristol, but was always doodling, when he should have being studying. Jack is to creative, what wet is to water, his passion for creative and design has been a part of who he is almost from birth. His mother said, "Jack was born with a pencil in his hand...he was always drawing." That pencil has since been replaced with a mouse and soon he was working at a leading global Advertising agency in the creative department, after various stinks in creative agencies and now runs the creative and Global ILabs team in Belgrade

Project Brief

TABS® is the pioneering and game changing app that fast tracks recruitment and resourcing businesses into the opportunities of the digital age. It’s an entirely customisable platform that will remove the friction and automate the process. TABS® (Temporary Assignment Booking System) is a web and mobile based App that provides a totally new way to reduce the time costs and paperwork needed when using, booking and managing temporary, shift based staff and contractors.

This leading disruptive innovation was developed for the temporary recruitment industry, internal HR teams and companies who have shift based staff. Tabs works across any businesses that manages temporary, shift based staff and short term contractors. The platform enables companies to utilise the TABS® platform in dedicated markets and wider territories globally.

• real time search
• Geo-location search
• Live temporary assignment and job alerting
• Instant acceptance via App and SMS
• Client 24/7/365 access to the portal and worker pool
• Assignment route planner with live travel info
• 24/7 and out of hours service
• Automated timesheet sign off & approval via a dedicated smartphone App or portal
• Automated submission & approval of compliance documents via the App or portal
• Automated client billing
• Automated payroll or billing for contractor
• Worker evaluation
• Social media integration for candidate acquisition
• Full suite of MI reporting

Project Need

The UK temporary recruitment industry is worth over £32 billion with 1.7million temporary staff within its ranks. This represents 5.3% of the UK’s total labour force and estimates predict the market will rise a further 11.9% between 2014 and 2018. The global total annual sales revenues amounted to €306.3 billion in 2013 Managing this huge workforce in a state of constant flux is the proverbial logistical nightmare and costly in time, money, efficiency and productivity for both in-house recruiters and agencies alike.

There is nothing in the marketplace that brings all this functionally together in a simple proposition, from the back end portal to the frunt end user experience has been designed to be simple and remove all the pain and friction which is what makes it truly innovative. We have full innovation pipeline over the next 18 months, based on pure insight we gather as we develop this product including:

• 3rd party vend off for Vendor Neutral agencies
• AWR.EU/USA holiday and sickness calculation
• EU IR35 contactor capability
• DVLA compliance checking
• Post and Zip code verification
• Additional training documents uploaded via the App
• Custom report generation
• Leave and holiday booking via the app
• Agency/Client candidate calendar view

There is simply nothing as unique as Tabs!

User Experience

As a team of innovators, planners and developers we took a different approach to this, we gathered a lot of market insight and identified the really issues in the sector. The traditional model for internal human resource teams, operational managers deploying shift workers, temps and freelancers. and temporary recruitment agencies is similar:

cost to companies, more staff to call and email more people to fill your shifts
recruitment contracts are run as procurement exercises is squeezes the agency contracts
management time it takes to fill to roles on the agency side
Low barriers to entry in the industry effectively means that there is always another agency ready to provide the service at a lower margin
The use of either paper processes and require many man-hours to manage the business and the costs

We used this insight and created ideation sessions to map out each of the problems and come up with solutions we then filtered this down into a plan and created a solid proposition and outline user experience. We tested this at every stage along the journey, using the feedback to enhance the experience. We did this in a mix of focus group, UX & UI testing and quant testing the proposition.

Once we stated development we tested it with core audiences from temps, to back office to managers and owners, ensuring we took the learning and applied it until we had an amazing product to launch

Project Marketing

UK is the initial primary market where TABS already has 2 business case studies that are being finalised currently. Once we build more cases international sales marketing can develop.

TABS has a website in development www.tabsapp.co.uk as a generic tool to enable understanding of the entire concept, how it can work for any business and to bring it to life as well as serving as a platform to support communications.

We created a group of resellers of the platform in the UK and USA and to date we have 6 paying a contact commission over the life span of the contract. We engaged a new business agency Network Sunday who we have worked with us in the past to cold call, prep data and qualify leads for us
• Direct network sales
• Xpert Linkedin networker
• Board member introductions
• Procurement specialist consultancy
• Bought data for DM sales
• Dedicated PR and SM campaigns

• We have our own dedicated PR with a storey calendar for the year
• We will disseminate PR materials and start LinkedIn and DM mailing campaign
• We aim to secured media press and leading business pages in the National Media
• Google Ads and search campaign
• LinkedIn Ads
• Banner Ads on recruitment sites

Project Privacy

We have dedicated testing and we use Linode servers in the US and Europe to comply with Laws, we use 248 encryption. Our compliance section meets and the UK legislation and we have encrypted sign into the portal. All users are required to change their log in details every 30 days and if not the application will not function and they are locked out of the portal until a new password is generated.

From managing personnel, project management and customised apps and tools for specific business processes and tasks, what will stand out here will be those that make it easier for businesses to run both day to day operations and improve their business functionality and efficiency.
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