Elevate Hope

The reality of 2020  is that hope is being challenged so we are running a campaign to Elevate Hope.

Here at DRIVENxDESIGN our motto is a Better Future, and hope is a critical ingredient. We are on a mission to restore hope and as such are looking for an inspired group of empowered change agents to help us out and accelerate us into a Better Future faster. Designers sit at an interesting crossroads here - their capacity to seek out problems and solve unmet needs put them in the hot seat to action change.

The DRIVENxDESIGN Award Programs provide a global platform to shine the spotlight on the design talent of those who are often hidden in the shadows. These are the design minds that offer greater depth and a fast-track to the future. Over the next 12 months we will be working to Elevate these talented designers and at the same time inspire the market to realise there is hope, there are solutions, and there is a bigger, brighter, and Better Future ahead.

How does it work?
The activation for Elevate Hope has three elements: the Leaders, Participants and Supporters

Leaders are a select group of local design leaders chosen from the Design Exec Club to represent each market and provide their support to nurture and mentor local talent into the Award Programs.

Participants will be invited into the program by the leaders. Participants will receive a supported awards nomination, mentoring, introductions and an exclusive VIP reception invitation to help build their reputation and connections. 

Supporters are engaged to help ‘pump it up’. We have taken ideas from some of the best pay-it-forward models and will be matching Elevate Support contributions dollar-for-dollar. Here you are given the opportunity to help us reach our target of 50 Elevated Design Projects or Initiatives. You can pump for $1000, $2,500 or $5,000, which will place your brand, your studio, and your support front and centre at the Awards Presentation, in all communications, and of course give you priority access to the fresh talent.

The launch city for Elevate is Hong Kong, please join us as we Elevate Hope in Hong Kong

Who’s involved?
HKG Curators – Mark BerginCatherine Shaw
HKG Leaders  –  Andrew MeadStephen LukJulie MonkBob NevilleBetsy SweatMichael Tam

What now?
Support secured before the 12th August will enable us to Elevate these talented designers this year in the Hong Kong Design Awards.

To help ‘pump it up’ – click here. Let’s Elevate Hope.