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Project Overview

CabFare is a breakthrough technology that raises the safety and privacy of passengers in taxis to the level expected by the general public and is the only app in the world to use innovative iBeacon technology in the taxi industry.

The CabFare app is the first app for taxi rank and street hail journeys that account for up to 70% of all taxi and rideshare journeys. Therefore it is the perfect companion for taxi and rideshare booking apps.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator

Outware Mobile


Outware Mobile

Project Brief

Outware Mobile was commissioned to design and develop the CabFare iPhone app, an innovative new product that improves the taxi experience for both passengers and drivers.

CabFare is designed to:
• Address the information imbalance between taxi drivers and passengers, and
• Provide security of payment and avoid the need to hand over credit cards.

Essential to the success of the CabFare app is a seamless and convenient user experience. Many of the processes are automated, which means that the app has be to context aware and prompt users with relevant information at the right times. This relies heavily on the integration points between the various technologies, including the iOS platform, iBeacons, internet connectivity and location services.

Project Need

Unlike many taxi booking apps, CabFare is designed specifically for taxi rank and street-hailed journeys which research shows accounts for up to 70% of all taxi and rideshare journeys. There are times when passengers just want to get into the nearest taxi on the street, without the need to make a booking or when making a booking isn’t practical.

In these cases, CabFare addresses the information imbalance between passengers and drivers by innovative use of iBeacons, When a taxi is hailed in the street or picked up from a taxi rank, the passenger will benefit in 3 ways:
• Increased safety: automatically receive the driver and journey details on their smartphones and can share these details instantly with friends and loved ones;
• Increased privacy: don’t register with the app, passengers remain completely anonymous to the driver, taxi company and even CabFare;
• Increased security: pay with the app without sharing personal and credit card details with CabFare or the taxi company.

On the other hand, CabFare will also help drivers compete against rideshare booking apps like Uber. It enables them to provide taxi passengers with the same level of convenience and peace of mind as Uber passengers, without requiring major investment or change to their business. Drivers can also accept payments through the CabFare app, reducing the risk of robbery and assault from carrying too much cash while driving. Passengers can alternatively pay by credit card on a taxi payment terminal or cash if they prefer.

User Experience

To ensure that the CabFare app is as seamless and convenient as possible for all users, the app has been designed to be context aware, and many of the processes are automated.

Passengers only have to nominate they are a passenger the first time they download the CabFare app, then the CabFare app is activated by iBeacons installed in participating taxis. When the passenger enters a taxi, they will receive a notification to view the driver’s details and track and share their pick-up and drop-off locations with friends and family. Payment can be securely made in the app, without the need for passengers to hand over credit cards.

For drivers running the app, a journey will automatically start when a CabFare passenger gets into the taxi. Drivers have the ability to end the journey and send the fare to the passenger for payment, which includes options for tips and vouchers. They can also view a history of all their CabFare enabled journeys.

The app is free for both drivers and passengers to help provide a higher level of safety and convenience for passengers using rank and hail taxis.

Project Marketing

CabFare’s marketing strategy caters for two constituents, the passengers and the taxi service providers being the drivers, vehicle operators and taxi networks.

The use of iBeacon technology offers great scope to experiment and implement proximity marketing strategies not yet tested in on-demand taxi services.

CabFare will target all constituents with ‘call to action’ and gamification strategies via social, email and physical media channels. CabFare will also implement innovative digital marketing strategies to have these constituents promote the CabFare service to family, co-workers and friends.

Project Privacy

Passengers don’t register with the CabFare app, they remain completely anonymous to the iBeacon, driver, taxi company and even CabFare. Equally, only driver information mandated by Government regulators is made available to passengers.

Payment with the app is achieved without the passenger sharing personal and credit card details with the driver, CabFare or the taxi company.

CabFare complies with all relevant Australian privacy laws as they relate to the collection and storage of personal information.

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