Photo Credit : Mark Ballogg


Silver Winner 

Project Overview

The Hilton Garden Inn is a 28-story, select service hotel adding 191 guest rooms, conference facilities, fitness center and full-service restaurant to the North Loop.

Project Commissioner

Hilton Hotel

Project Creator

Grec Architects


David Ervin
Ryan von Drehle

Structural Engineer: Halvorson and Partners
Civil Engineer: V-3 Company
General Contractor: Walsh Construction
Mechanical Engineer: WMA Engineering

Project Brief

The recent “hotel boom” has caused developers and designers alike to search for creative ways to differentiate their projects and this one does not disappoint. Visible from the Chicago River, the building rises to distinction sporting a custom 20,000 square foot metal mosaic facade.

The 250 foot mosaic was inspired by the location of the building, just off the Chicago River view corridor. The design team created an image pixelization of sunlight reflecting off the river and used metal panels in five shades of grey to develop this dynamic image.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow. 
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