Brisbane DesignAwards closing down

Following a lot of discussion, we have decided to close down the Brisbane Design Awards.

Between late 2012 and early 2014 the design100 team has worked to get the awards program up and running. However, there have been some key economic conditions that have made it difficult to progress.

The support for local market programs in Brisbane is difficult and unlike other markets it becomes even more difficult without support from the government's economic development units.

Over the last 5 years design100 will have successfully implemented 12 awards programs in four continents, covering both traditional design and tech related design. All of these programs are market placed, not city of origin programs. This provides an opportunity for businesses based in Brisbane to enter these programs.

With the majority of programs operating in export markets, the programs provide a warm entry marketing program for Brisbane based businesses.

Our focus is to leverage collaborative marketing to empower design leaders to build the next wave of economic prosperity for local markets. We believe this will be a design lead economy.

We apologise for any inconvenience if you were looking for a local, Brisbane-based award program. However, you are able to enter any of the other Australian Award programs or in most cases you may also be eligible for the international programs. See our programs page for dates and locations.

Kind regards,
Mark Bergin
Founder and CEO