Town Hall #30 - The New Possible - EUK

13 November 2020 | Lucy Grant


Kirsty Dias - Managing Director at PriestmanGoode

Ágúst Ingason - Executive Producer and Board Member at treasure Trekkers Entertainment, Chairman of the Board – ALDIN Biodome

David Keech - Managing Director at Keechdesign UK Ltd

William Knight - Director at The Renew Consultancy

Michael Lambrianos - Managing Director at Wiesner Hager UK

John Mathers - Co-founder at Design Age Accelerator

Phil Nutley - Head of Experience Design at CCD Design & Ergonomics

Loïc Sattler - Experience Design Director / DesignOps at Futurice

Jordan Waid - Futurity and Agency Consultant at Jordan Waid Ltd

John Williams - Director at Space Invader

Head across to the Design Exec Club to watch the episode and view the show notes. 

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