Peter Bain-Hogg - Made for People | Better Future Podcast - Episode 39

28 May 2020 | Lucy Grant

In this episode Mark sits down with Peter Bain-Hogg to have a chat about Music TV Entertainment. They look 20 years back and 5 years forward, to look at Peter's impressive career and breakdown the new media formats and the live gig economy. The two also take a moment to discuss the here and now, looking at how Peter Bain-Hogg and Brian Nankervis have captured a COVID moment with Rockwiz - At Home With Brian and Memo Music Hall, bringing live music into our lounge rooms when we need it most. 

Rockwiz - At Home with Brian and Memo Music Hall on Facebook and Youtube 
Wilfred - Series 1 and 2
Sarah Cooper - Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, Website

Peter Bain-Hogg - Executive Producer - RocKwiz & RocKwiz LIVE! at Renegade Films

Hosted by:
Mark Bergin - Founder and CEO of DRIVENxDESIGN

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