Gibson Biddle - Made for People | Better Future Podcast - Episode 32

In this podcast, Kirsten interviews Gibson Biddle, keynote speaker at the Product Management Festival, Zurich.

21 February 2020 | Pat Daly

For anyone wondering who is Gib Biddle? He’s the former VP of Product for Netflix and a celebrated author, writer, and product coach.

In this interview Kirsten explores the following with Gib:

  • Mindset and feedback system Gib adopted when transitioning into different product leader roles
  • How Gib established and relied on his “personal board of directors” for key career advice.
  • Tips for educating execs and boards to become people centric.
  • Driving key outcomes by ensuring there’s clarity around metrics and proxy metrics.
  • How to not overwhelm customers and be more thoughtful about how you’re treating them.
  • The legacy Gib is hoping to leave.

Hosted by: 

Kirsten Mann, Global VP Product Experience, Construction & Engineering Global Business Unit, Oracle - LinkedIn, Instagram


Gibson Biddle, speaker, product coach, writer, workshop host, and former Vice President of Product for both Netflix and Mattel - Website, LinkedIn, Twitter

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