Better Future - Designing for Humanity - Kirsten Mann

2 August 2019 | Mark Bergin

We have all experienced a clunky product – where perhaps the idea and intention are great, but the experience not so much. Most of us shrug our shoulders and either try our best to ignore the faults or move on to the next option. Most of us are not Kirsten Mann.

Kirsten is one of those rare individuals that leads with both enduring patience and immense passion. Over the last two decades these qualities have seen Kirsten work with multiple major tech lead businesses to develop product portfolios that have resulted in huge acquisition valuations. This 20-year expedition of Kirsten’s has helped drive these tech and engineering-lead businesses to become human-centric market leaders who are driven by design.

It comes as no surprise that Oracle have recently elevated Kirsten to Global VP of Product Experience for their Construction and Engineering Business. Oracle has a great history as an engineering and sales market leader but times have undoubtedly changed, with markets now needing to solve the human interface. It is for this reason that we must shine the torch ever more brightly on experts in human integration like Kirsten Mann.

Those that take a peek into Kirsten’s social channels will observe play, celebration, and a healthy dose of not taking yourself too seriously. Pair this with her impressive ability to walk-the-talk and there is no doubt that we can all learn a lot from an expedition leader like Kirsten.

To hear more from Kirsten, have a listen to the Better Future podcast series which she co-hosts.

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