Melbourne Design Awards - Wrap

14 August 2019 | Mark Bergin

The Melbourne Design Awards have been presented and wow what an evening.

Here's my selection from the evening - why not take a look at the whole gallery - there 400+ pics so grab a coffee and 15min to enjoy.

Additional trophies are able to be ordered here.

We also have 25 boxes of 4 x 2019 Melbourne Awards Annuals - but you'll need to get in quick, when they're gone they're gone. Order here, but get in quickly.

Finally, I recommend you look at the GOV Design Awards & Sydney Design Awards - it's likely your awarded project is also eligible for these programs and both are coming up to a final deadline.

Again to everyone who came to the awards - it was a blast, thanks for helping to celebrate your project, your clients and the 10th Melbourne Design Awards

Mark Bergin

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