Mark Kingsley - Design in the Boardroom - Episode 29 - Better Future Podcast

29 July 2019 | Lucy Grant

Welcome to the Better Future Podcast: Design in the Boardroom series. As part of this series, we will be releasing 40 podcasts over 40 days. From field recordings to live panels with global design giants, the Design in the Boardroom series will discuss how boards are leveraging design to accelerate economic outcomes – in other words, how design is being managed up, down and across organisations.

In this episode Mark talks with Mark Kingsley in New York’s Bryant Park. They explore how small and large creative shops engage with the board, and the opportunity for some of the smallest to work directly with the largest, and how these larger creative teams navigate enterprises.

Hosted byMark Bergin, Founder & CEO of DRIVENxDESIGN - Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter

Guest: Mark Kingsley, Creative Director, Strategist & Designer - Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter

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