Better Future - Mobility - Esther Bahne

29 March 2019

We’re in the midst of redefining space, place and mobility. A hundred years ago this was enabled through the introduction of cars; cars defined the way our commercial, cultural and community context evolved. Two hundred years ago this was achieved through the introduction of trains.

So it’s not surprising that the next wave of disruption in the transportation industry would come through redefining mobility. This is where this week’s leader steps in. Esther Bahne, Head of Mini Strategy and Innovation, has been on a longitudinal expedition into how mobility will change our future and interestingly, Esther has wound up creating strategies centred around places and experiences.

Several years ago the BMW Board appointed Esther with a mission – “disrupt from the inside before we get disrupted from the outside”. This takes courage, insight, and pace, coupled with a capacity to experiment, learn, refactor and evolve. You could say that Esther and her team consider constant change their status quo.

At the Paris Design Summit Esther presented observations that MINI owners lead flexible lives, rich experience-filled lives, they need transport but more importantly they need places to experience life. Hence the introduction of MINI Living. A proposition that the future of mobility needs to have places as much as transport.

Hopefully people like Esther challenge all of us to consider what the next hundred years will look like and encourage us to  make urgent plans to begin exploring the next wave of experiences. As we know, if we don’t disrupt ourselves others will disrupt us.

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