Better Future - Space - Antonio Gomez-Palacio

22 February 2019 | Mark Bergin

Community wellbeing is central to health and prosperity. The majority of urban design focuses on reflective models and standards, however, a new era of urban design focuses on the community, it begins with placing the people first, before infrastructure. The opportunity for urban design to make us healthy and live longer happier lives only happens when you have a suitable framework - fortunately the team at Dialog led by Antonio Gomez-Palacio have tackled this problem.

Imagine having a city that is designed to promote human interaction and longevity and can help you live seven years longer – it’s possible but it doesn't start with old models, it starts with a conversation with the community, after all, they're most likely to know what their needs are, they're the ones who will embrace smart options that help them live a Better Future.

The framework didn't happen by accident or overnight. Antonio's expedition spans 30 years, from studying and practising as an architect and finding that many of the answers he was looking for were not able to be resolved. He then became an urban planner and still couldn’t find those answers, and finally he forged a path into creating a framework that accelerates the transformation of cities into vibrant urban spaces, which respond to their social, economic, environmental, cultural and political context.

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