Better Future - Health - Anatole Menon-Johansson

14 February 2019 | Mark Bergin | via SXT App

Health is a complex topic. The dimensions of health stretch from basic sanitation through to cancer cures. Wherever on the scale, underneath all health programs sit data, science and outcomes. Surprisingly some of the most difficult aspects of health are not due to science gaps, but human behaviour.

Imagine you are working with the UK NHS and you notice that clinical outcomes are working as predicted but the infection rate continues – that probably leads you to focus on interrupting future infection.

That’s exactly what our Expedition to a Better Future is exploring this week. Anatole Menon-Johansson, Director of SXT Health CIC, is more focused these days on the app he’s developed over the medical science it is founded on. This is because he understands there are hundreds of colleagues who can do the science, leaving the unmet need as breaking the cycle. With an app like SXT - which helps people with STI/HIV to communicate with partners about the need to have a test – we need people like Anatole.

The complexity of these conversations span shame, disappointment, deception – herein lies the problem: these emotional complexities mean that conversations remain unsaid. When the Abola outbreaks occurred, it was about breaking the cycle of burial rituals to spot infection spread. This is where the SXT app is so incredible. The app comes decades after the mastering of clinical outcomes post-infection, allowing a solution to instead stop the spread in the first place.

Most often we hear of people making an app because they were bored in corporate life, or some new technology becomes available. What is astounding here is that the communication and experience aspects of health have become the new tools to address pre-clinical dilemmas.

I recommend you take a look at the app , have a discussion with friend about the new opportunities it provides in addressing significant behavioural change through its efforts to break the cycle – a true Expedition to a Better Future.

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