Better Future - Health - Matt Eastwood

8 February 2019 | Lucy Grant

Traditionally health has been based solely on systems made up of science, clinical outcomes and funding. This has often led to important, albeit complex messages being overlooked by those outside the health field due to their dense nature. A Better Future in health will recognise the importance of efficient and effective communications and successful, user-friendly experiences alongside our existing scientific systems. 

In recent years we have seen disinformation take hold of a key health area of immunisation, a bogus research paper that has been discredited as junk science is still fulling the anti-vax world. So how do we create a Better Future through Health?

In recent years, essential areas of health, like immunisation, have been annexed by ideas of ‘wellness’ that are built upon well-marketed junk science, fuelling anti-vax movements and the like. But how do introduce the effective communications that have proved successful in the ‘wellness’ world into the health world?

 That’s the challenge that Matt Eastwood - all-time star Global Chief Creative Officer at McCann Health – has taken up. Matt is leading the charge creating new opportunities for majors players, like Philips, Abbott, MSD and Siemens, opening up space for them to move into communication and experience leadership to take them further, delivering share of mind and lifestyle, wellness and clinical outcomes.

The context of how health is consumed and understood has changed. Those with the ability to deliver complex messages, distilled down into digestible chunks for mass consumption will be the winners. It is fair to say the game has shifted up a gear with global leaders like Matt Eastwood steeping into the space.

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