Better Future - Space - Ric Bell

16 November 2018 | Mark Bergin

The spaces we inhabit play a vital role in the wellbeing of a city. Ric Bell has spent the last 30+ years nudging and enabling both the physical form, exchange of ideas and thought leadership in government at NYC DDC. Recently Ric has stepped in to start a new chapter at Columbia University. His expedition into enabling heathy communities continues.

When we think of design we often only consider the tangible aspects: the artefacts, the buildings, the objects, the artwork. However, we need people like Ric who consider the intangible. People who reach beyond the obvious elements of design to consider how signs and symbols convey meaning in everyday environments. Ric was responsible for creating the the storefront Center for Architecture and more recently is working on Sense & the City: Active Design and Slowness and Fit City alongside semiologist Gwenaëlle de Kerret.

Understanding the intangible gaps within design is a gift and Ric and his team have proved themselves as Global Leaders on the ever-important Expedition to a Better Future through the study of semiology and ethnography within this space.

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