Better Future - Government - Dominic Campbell

2 November 2018 | Mark Bergin

The Government sector is not known for being human centred, they’re more stayed in bureaucratic policy and process. That was until Dominic Campbell set up FUTUREGOV. In 2008 Dominic and a bunch of innovators, digital experts and social entrepreneurs began work on how to navigate the government sector, accelerate change, leveraging human cantered ideas, enabled where appropriate by technology but not always technology.

The result has been astounding, like a doctor in a war zone, he and the team were in huge demand, the market need was greater than expected, most likely due to the second wave of digital demand – driven by the iPhone. Overnight post the iPhone, citizens were now connected to each other, with a few clicks complex new services were offering responsive satisfying outcomes that previously couldn't be imagined -the age of tech lead innovation was accelerating and government was on the back foot.

Fortunately, the team at FUTUREGOV understood the people part of the equation, technology was a tool to help humans not the answer to human needs. Over the last decade, they’ve pioneered the wave of change in the public sector, helped enable teams of people working on providing a better future for stakeholders, voters, suppliers and the workforce that makes up a vital chunk of our society.

We’re thrilled to shine a light on the 10 year expedition that Dominic and his team have had, the interesting part is that they’ve only just begun a journey that will take generations to complete.

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