Better Future - Digital - Genevieve Bell

12 October 2018

We are living in the age of information. Some of it is useful, but most of it is a distraction. This explains why tech companies have taken off so rapidly in the new century. The market leaders are those who stand out from the crowd by managing to maintain our trust whilst, to quote Genevieve Bell, ‘making us ‘Fast, Smart and Connected''.

Our world is operating at the speed of thought and we want to make well-informed decisions that empower us to achieve our dreams, goals, and legacy. Who better to accelerate our capacity to achieve than an anthropologist; a person who studies how people interact at the most basic level and then collaborates with engineers, designers and business owners to deliver needs-focused solutions that allow us to be Fast, Smart & Connected.

[Image: The Australia and New Zealand School of Government]

I first met Professor Genevie Bell at the 2016 Advance Global Australia Awards where she won the Award for Technology Innovation and the Overall 2016 Advance Global Australian Award. Adding to her distinguished career, Genevieve was also selected as the 2017 Boyer Lecturer.

Since the late 80s, Genevieve has been helping teams who struggle to look beyond the technology to adopt a perspective heavily underpinned by human-centered design. By working to take the engineering technology and turn it into something that is made for people, Genevieve Bell is a global leader in the expedition towards a better future.  

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