Better Future - Transport - Paul Priestman

5 October 2018 | Mark Bergin

Late on Tuesday night, I received a message to watch a live stream of a special announcement from Hyperloop Transport Technologies, it turned out to be the unveiling of the PriestmanGoode-designed rolling stock for HTT.

What shocked me was that only 12 months earlier Paul Priestman had shown me the early designs of the vehicle, meaning that the team from PriestmanGoode and Airtificial has gone from concept to delivering the full-scale passenger Hyperloop capsule in less than 12 months. I know of some projects that have been working on concepts alone for longer than 12 months.

Make no mistake the pace of our economy is blindingly fast, when one team can create this pace then all teams need to follow or become resigned to being out of the lead pack.

Over the last decade, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing one simple principle being exhibited by Paul Priestman, “make things better”. His expedition to a better future began in the late 80s and he’s been true to that mission. Next time someone suggests you delay a decision until the next meeting, or run some more evaluation remind them that teams like PriestmanGoode and many others are creating a Better Future at Hyper Speed.

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