Better Future - The Place Economy - Andy Hoyne

27 September 2018 | Mark Bergin

Following on from our introduction to an Expedition to a Better Future with Debbie Millman on Design Matters, this week we are bringing your attention to the future of place. Like many things over the last decade, the tool of placemaking has experienced a rapid evolution; the multiple decades it once took to form communities within and establish the culture of a place has now been accelerated, and through the use of human centred design we have witness experience become a central component of a built space from day one.

Last year I had the pleasure of reading The Place Economy from cover to cover. Wow. Through a vast range of thought provoking interviews, articles, case studies, illustrations and photography, The Place Economy offers invaluable lessons from a team of world class industry leaders towards creating better performing economies, and happier and healthier communities. The person behind this endeavour is Andrew Hoyne of HOYNE, Sydney, and we cannot think of someone who better encapsulates our idea of an expedition to a better future. Andy is the epitome of an expedition leader - a leader who gathers together masterful experts to deliver new, engaging and rewarding experiences that become part of a Better Future for the fortunate residents and traders.

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