Awards Wrap - Episode 1


Welcome to the Awards Wrap episode 1, our launch episode, so we're keen to get your feedback

The awards wrap is where DRIVENxDESIGN founder Mark Bergin and a guest Design Giant review a selection of projects from the perspective of design from the demand side.

Award Deadlines

Reviewed Projects

Lilium Jet - Lilium  | Concept – Object – Next Design Awards 

Our goal is to build an aircraft that not only the super-rich can afford, and that can make private air transportation possible for a much wider number of people. With the concept of taking off and landing almost everywhere, we could see that one day our plane will be used for quick and daily transportation almost like a car today.

Dot Watch - Dot  | Social Design – Object - Next Design Awards

Our initiative was to create a product that doesn’t exist in the world. A device that opens doors to a more inclusive pool of consumers. With these goals in mind, we conceived the Dot Watch. A beautifully designed smartwatch that you can wear everyday. Powered by our innovative, patented technology, the Dot Rotor, this is the first time braille is put into motion and integrated into an electronic device.

Issho - Pauline van Dongen  | Passion – Object – Next Design Awards

In an accelerating world Issho encourages the wearer to be present in the moment. Providing subtle bodily sensations, this intelligent denim jacket exudes the sensation of a gentle stroke on the upper back. The design of Issho stems from a notion in which a collaboration between Studio Pauline van Dongen and ItalDenim resulted in a new line of thought within the domain of wearables. The Denim Jacket embraces denim’s characteristics to hold a unique dialogue with its wearer. Based on the wearer’s behavior, the jacket responds to intimate touches to become a mediator of revived experiences in daily life. Through bodily sensations, this jacket encourages you to be present in an increasing accelerating world in which our mind is often focused on future events.

Times Square Reconstruction - NYC Dept of Transportation & NYC Dept of Design and Construction / Snøhetta  | Urban Design – New York Design Awards

Over 40 million people visit or pass through Times Square each year. For one of most iconic public spaces in the world, Snøhetta's design for the new permanent pedestrian spaces had to understand the magnitude of these crowds and the patterns of movement and human behavior.

Morningstar Offices - Morningstar / Perkins+Will  | Interior Design – Corporate – Chicago

Housing Morningstar’s engineers, user experience designers, and product management teams, the 14th floor was designed for the company’s technology employees in its global headquarters in Chicago.

The Chicago Starbucks Reserve Roastery - Starbucks  | Concept – Space – Chicago

The one-of-a-kind coffee experience will be built in an iconic retail space on North Michigan Avenue. Chicago Reserve® Roastery is to be the third in the U.S. and sixth internationally for the company as Starbucks continues to transform the global coffee industry. The new Roastery expands Starbucks portfolio of premium retail experiences in Chicago, including a new Reserve® store concept opening in 2018 and multiple Starbucks® stores with Reserve bars.

Apple Dubai Mall - Apple / Norman Foster + Partners  | Architecture - Commercial – Constructed – London

Apple Dubai Mall is reinventing the traditional introverted idea of mall-based retail as a more outward looking experience that engages with the spectacle of urban life. Its design is a highly innovative response to the culture and climate of the Emirates, while also demonstrating Apple’s pioneering ambition to create inspirational civic spaces for all. Located in Dubai Mall – one of the most visited urban centers in the world, attracting over 80 million visitors every year since 2014 – the new Apple Dubai Mall occupies the most pivotal position in the city, alongside the iconic Burj Khalifa and overlooking the famous Dubai Fountains. Spanning over two floors, it embraces the theatre of the fountains with a sweeping 186-foot (56.6 metre) wide and 18-foot (5.5 metre) deep terrace – a first for any Apple Store – with unparalleled views of the spectacular setting and the incredible choreographed display.

SANE Bipolar App - non-clinical trial - SANE Australia  | Social Design – Digital – Next Design Awards

The SANE bipolar app will help people who experience mania as part of living with bipolar disorder. The app works by sensing activity throughout the day on digital devices to alert people to a potential onset of mania. App users can share the data with a nominated loved one or mental health professional who can intervene to prevent or manage an episode. Gandel Philanthropy has generously provided seed funding for the app’s development and non-clinical trial.

Record My Hours - Fair Work Ombudsman / Ansible  | Digital – Community – GOV Design Awards

The Fair Work Ombudsman has released a new app aimed at tackling the persistent problem of underpayment of young and migrant workers. While most employers want to do the right thing, the FWO sees many examples of records that are either missing information or in some cases, deliberately misleading. This creates difficulties in determining whether workers are being paid their correct entitlements. The ‘Record My Hours’ app solves this problem by leveraging smartphone features like Wi-Fi and GPS tracking to make it easy for workers to automatically and accurately record their hours of work and pass-on information about their employment.