How to get involved in driven x design


You’re part of a global community of 75,000 Members - 5,000 Brands - 1,500 Studios - all driven by design.

In 2016 we celebrated over $57 Billion of design projects globally and raised the profile of 551 design projects. In 2017 we expect this to double!

Nominate your project into an awards program and publish your work on alongside outstanding design projects from around the world. Get your hard work recognized and build your design brand next to world’s best.

You can nominate in a city-based awards or a global program. City based awards have a connection to that design market - either the project, commissioner or creator are based there. The global awards are open to all locations and nomination is according to the theme of the awards.

City Design Awards - London | Berlin | Hong Kong | San Francisco | Chicago | New York | Melbourne | Sydney

Global Awards - Tech Design Awards | Government Design Awards | Next Design Awards

Got a collection of projects you're proud of or want to nominate in more than one program?
You can pick up a nomination pack and get extended nomination deadlines and save $/£/€'s off each nomination!

Share your design story with driven x design news

Every project is a journey and everyone has a story to tell. To help tell yours we’ve opened up the design news to on and all members of the community will be able to publish news items on the site to share from June 1. Each story will to be attributed to your name or brand and will form part of your profile on the site. Everything you publish, from news to projects, will be accessible through your member portal.

Rate other projects

Build your own collection of inspiring design. Keep track of your favourite projects with your own custom collection of projects from across the site. All your ratings and favourite projects will be stored in a project library for you to access for inspiration.