The future is taking place faster than we realise


Across the Design 100 community product cycles have sped up and projects have become agile & market responsive. Now it’s about product management, continual evolution and major releases - it’s about listening to the user and design propositions that meet their needs.

We’ve changed to reflect this. Our purpose remains the same - to grow the demand for design - but our name and the way we achieve this has evolved.

Welcome to driven x design - a global design community realising the future faster and more gracefully - where more than 75,000 members, 5,000 brands and 1,500 studios come together to share knowledge and learn from each other in order to accelerate transformation, innovation and growth by design.

The Design 100 community has evolved to represent much more than the leading 100 design projects. We’ve become thought leaders, pathfinders, and facilitators of a new conversation that details how design flows through organizations and branded experiences colouring our everyday lives. We’ve always known that design speaks to the human, now others have realized too.

Over the past ten years, we’ve witnessed a change in values in the world’s largest organizations by market size. From companies that made product for their own end and convinced consumers to buy them to creators of experiences that people need. Now it’s about being made for people - satisfy their needs and the results takes care of themselves.

At the same time we’ve witnessed a change globally across the design industry. Over the past ten years design has moved from a discipline-specific industry into a core enterprise capacity. Now there are more designers working in-house than in external practices and a culture of design has taken over. Now all organizations must be driven by design and create products and services that are made for people.

driven x design - a new design culture for a new era of design.