Dan Porter
Creative Director

Dan is the co-founder and creative director of Scriberia, Europe’s leading Graphic Facilitation company. A wide range of organisations, from multinational corporations to charities, find that Sciberia's work helps them to discuss, innovate and communicate more effectively. We work live, listening to conversations and presentations and summarising them as memorable visuals. We also apply those same rapid visualisation skills to create short animations.

Dan started out as a writer that could draw and now, he supposes, is a drawer that can write. Either way, he thinks he's found a place between words and pictures where he can do good work. Scriberia is a constantly evolving and surprising entity. As their list of clients continues to diversify, they can go from visualising the manufacture of chocolate to the treatment of HIV in the course of a day. To Dan Those regular insights into other people’s work, the incredible creative freedom he's given, his talented team and amazing business partner keep his job from ever being boring.

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