Erik Hallander
Managing Director
Isobar Australia

Every business model has an expiration date.

While change in society is constant, change from within is hinging on people. I’ve worked through some of the largest brands world-wide to facilitate change, excellence and pride in what makes an exceptional product. Change breeds confrontation, and we all need to be okay with being confronted by hard truths.

I dabble in writing. I dabble in public speaking. I work pretty much with the aim of preparing businesses for the future, capitalising on advancements in technology and respecting the societal and customer trends that are to some degree unstoppable. Infamously direct (:D) and honest, I believe that businesses and society needs people that are driven enough to not fold to the ‘it’s too hard’.

At Isobar, our core purpose is to unlock as much value from digital as possible for businesses. Value through efficiencies, quality and systems that enable us to talk to our customers in a more effective and engaging way.

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