Harriet Wakelam
Director Design Centre

I use design to build compelling human centred strategies that will deliver value to customers, shareholders and organisations. I have experience in financial services, Fintech, insurance and health. My experience has grown along with my field and now lies in the power of design systems to help bring strategy to life.

As a leader I design approaches to unlock knowledge, combine information in new ways and surface original thoughts both within the teams I develop and across the programs of work I enable. I use design with more traditional business analysis, data and analytics tools. My interest is not in the methodology but in the constant evolution of process to create new systems.

My current interests lie in the development of new metrics that can capture the more intangible behavioural aspects of risk reduction and trust.

I am a connector and I love creating and working with teams. The excitement of creating a mix of expertise creating the conditions not just to ideate but to challenge thinking gets me out of bed in the morning. I've applied this from organisational transformation of customer experience through to the delivery of hip hop via video conference for Indigenous communities in WA.

My fascination lies in making complex things simple, in understanding behavior and making real, innovative experiences that make lives simpler, happier. I have worked with NAB, Australia Post, Medibank, some of the UK’s biggest banks, and support a range of innovative start-ups from Singapore to Russia.

I listen a lot, talk a bit and loves to weave curious cross-disciplinary teams with the courage to both create exciting things often but also build breakthroughs from disasters.

I'm originally a Londoner currently living in Melbourne. My great loves include 2 small people, the random collision of ideas, brave people, courage and mischief (supported by the odd chocolate and martini).

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