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Car Guru [DRAFT]

[interview] the project story

Photo Credit : c 2015 - www.lexel.co.uk



Silver Winner 

Project Overview

The Car Guru team approached us to design the Car Guru application. This application helps people find issues with their cars and understand the cost. This avoids dealers ripping off customers and saves people money.

Project Commissioner

Car Guru

Project Creator


Silver Winner 


The Project and Creative Team was made up of Jason Gaved (Managing Director), The Lexel Development Team and Justin Howard (Consultant Developer).

Project Brief

It’s a real headache when something goes wrong with your car and two particular questions often spring to mind; where can I go to get this fixed? And how much is this going to cost me? That’s where the Car Guru App can help. Car Guru came to us to help redesign their app that helps make car repair costs as transparent and easy to understand as possible.

Project Need

We completely transformed the interface of the app and made the most useful features more prominent and much easier to use. These included the regional repair quotes feature, garage locator, a self-diagnosis tool and a tips and advice area.

User Experience

The mobile app is now available for users to download to help search for average prices and installation of the seemingly neverending list of car parts such as radiators, tyres, brake pads, oil filters and exhausts. It’s proven to be particularly useful for the female demographic and those that feel they might not be overly knowledgeable about the cost of these items.

Project Marketing

The project is available on the iOS and Android store.

Project Privacy

All information is fully encrypted.

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