2015 [app] design awards UK

mobile, web, IoT, desktop, connected devices
design champion, best studio, best start-up & IoT
plus 20 specialist nomination categories

demand design, celebrate courage

The Best of the Best


The following awards celebrate the participants whose work has excelled most during the ratings period. From ratings given by both judges and the marketplace, they have earned their title as Best of the Best.

Best Design Studio - Less than 5

rendeevoo ltdView

Best Expanded Service or Application | Creator: rendeevoo ltd | Commissioner: rendeevoo ltd

Best Design Studio - 5 to 20

CHARIS Partners LimitedView

CHARIS - Digital Lifestyle Concierge / CHARIS Partners Limited
Best App Startup | Creator: CHARIS Partners Limited | Commissioner: CHARIS Partners Limited

Best App Startup | Creator: Lexel | Commissioner: Lexel

Gate Gourmet - Lexel iHR System
Business Operations | Creator: Lexel | Commissioner: Gate Gourmet

Synap - Intelligent Revision Platform
EdTech | Creator: Lexel | Commissioner: Synap

Home & Living | Creator: BROOKS | Commissioner: BROOKS

Car Guru
Home & Living | Creator: Lexel | Commissioner: Car Guru

Best Design Studio - 20+


Best App Startup | Creator: Compsoft | Commissioner: Pixwup

eyeWitness to Atrocities
Best New Service or Application | Creator: Compsoft | Commissioner: The International Bar Association

Displaydata Dynamic Central
Business Operations | Creator: Compsoft | Commissioner: Displaydata

Business Platforms | Creator: Compsoft | Commissioner: Digital Field Solutions

Rolls-Royce Flight Checklist
Business Tools | Creator: Compsoft | Commissioner: WingPro and Rolls-Royce

Community | Creator: Compsoft | Commissioner: Peninsula Motorcycle Forum

Akademia Pro
EdTech | Creator: Compsoft | Commissioner: Appening

Family | Creator: Compsoft | Commissioner: Ongaku Learning

Everyday Golf Coach
Home & Living | Creator: Compsoft | Commissioner: (Everyday) Golf Coach

TravelTech | Creator: Compsoft | Commissioner: Peninsula Motorcycle Forum