2014 UK Mobile & App Design Awards

Droidcon, Londroid and Open source [DRAFT]





Project Overview

Novoda have created Droidcon, the largest Android conference in Europe alongside this Londroid which provides an online community along with regular meet ups in London; created in 2007 the conferences have been integral for the android community. Novoda work in conjunction with Skillsmatter and Google.


Novoda Ltd


Novoda have created events, meet ups and Hackathon workshops to bring together the international android community, allowing developers to meet discuss new technologies and keep up to date with the trends associated with Android developments.

Creative team Kevin McDonagh, Carl Harroch, Shivam Ghadia

Project Brief

Novoda have been at the forefront of the Android community since the start, the founders of Novoda Kevin Mcdonagh and Carl Harroch met at a conference and founded Novoda Ltd.

Their focus to create an Android community where developers can learn and discuss new technologies, trends and also share their wealth of experience has grown from strength to strength.

Currently Londroid is a community for android professionals and enthusiasts, regular meet ups are arranged to discuss various topics allowing open access to a very specialist community.

The first Droidcon conference was held in Berlin in 2009, swiftly followed by the first Droidcon London. Since then it has spread across the globe, with conferences organised in Paris, Turin, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv and even as far Bangalore!

Droidcon is an annual conference drawing developers from around the world, this is an open forum for developers to put forward their own presentations along with guest speakers to discussed pre - proposed discussions.

Budding developers can also take part in a hackathon and workshops weekend giving attendees the chance to put into practice everything learned at the conference, and form some lasting partnerships whilst bringing ideas to life! This gives fevelopers the chance to work alongside a host of other passionate Android developers to create something unique – or even win prizes. Last year, delegates won Epson’s Moverio glasses, smart watches, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

Project Need

As well as being fun and sociable the meet ups and conferences provide valuable education sources where developers are able to learn from the experts,bounce ideas off each other and share their experiences on various projects.

Novoda also have an open source website which shares innovative ideas with the wider community outside Novoda.

Droidcon is also a invaluable for start ups, allowing budding companies to present infront of some of the best VC's and journalist to pitch for sponsorship.

The App Design Champion - Chairman's Award celebrates the organisation who has consistently commissioned excellent development and applications thereby providing instrumental support and growth for the wider mobile community.  The winner will be awarded according to the body of work submitted across all categories and the overall rating score.

All eligible entries will be automatically submitted into this category and no entry fee is required.

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