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Project Overview

Teamstuff is an award winning, free mobile and web app for social sports teams that helps them to communicate and manage important team stuff like schedules, game details (with maps!), attendance, rostering, duties, contacts, emergency medical info and more.

It lightens the workload for managers & coaches, makes scheduling clearer for parents and players with multiple schedules, works for all varieties of family and lets the whole team focus on the important stuff – the game itself. Less work, more play!


Shine Technologies P/L - Beyond Software


Adam Kierce / Principal
Sri Elkins / User Experience Design Lead, Copywriter
Greg Gross / Lead Developer
Ben Teese / Senior Developer
Tim Osmond and Danny Brain / Android Developer
Micheal Gillies, Chaise Hocking & Dylan Tian iPhone Developer
Gillian Dollard / Marketing & Promotion

Teamstuff was conceived by Adam Kierce - software developer, sports nut and father of 4 more budding sports nuts - to help himself and others like him deal with the "where/when/what time/who’s in/who’s out/what stuff must I bring” of the weekly game(s).

He wanted an awesome app that could be used anywhere, any time, improve team life and be easy to use.

Project Brief

Millions of people around the world play sport. From football to wife carrying there's a sport for everyone. We give up our free time for the simple, unadulterated love of the game. And yet, the stuff that surrounds the weekly match is all too often more work and less play.

Teamstuff creates one point of contact for all members so everyone is connected and informed.

Managers/coaches share schedules and can check player attendance in-app. Players check the app for their game details, and set attendance on the go. Urgent messages from managers or coaches (game cancelled last minute!) come in push notifications so everyone’s up to speed.

Parents get all their kids' schedules in one easy view and use maps to guide them from game to game, transforming the weekly dash into a smooth manoeuvre.

If someone gets hurt during the game (it's sport - it happens!), Coach can instantly check Teamstuff for a player's profile to access their medical info & emergency contacts - no delays when time is critical!

Teamstuff makes the stuff around the game easy and lets everyone focus on the fun part - the game itself. Less work, more play!

Project Need

There’s a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes to get us to the game, and the people making this happen use whatever works best (email, phone, carrier pigeon) to make sure the game goes ahead with players to play it. Ask almost any manager or coach on a social sports team - it's one big hassle and no-one's paying them either!

Teamstuff was born from the desire to untangle this administrative beast.

We saw a need for a social sports administration and communication app for teams that would be easy to use, friendly in its approach and free.

Feedback from users so far has indicated that it’s successfully streamlining and clarifying team communications, empowering team administrators, players and parents.

It's on an exponential growth curve, increasing every month, which we believe means that we're meeting a need and doing it well.

User Experience

Great user experience is the rule of thumb against which all our design decisions are measured. Teamstuff must transform traditionally cumbersome, frustrating experiences into pleasant and rewarding ones.

Managers and coaches no longer have to chase players using multiple communication channels (phone, email, smoke signals) to see if they're coming to the game. With Teamstuff, they can check attendance, send reminders to players who haven't responded yet, roster and transfer players across teams instantly, and get alerts when players change their status near game time. Managers can also send push notifications to players when something urgent crops up like a last-minute game cancellation and see who actually got the message too!

Players and parents no longer have to chase their manager or coach for game details. They check Teamstuff for upcoming games - who, when and where - and if they have more than one game to get to that day, it's easy to navigate on the go with maps

And because Teamstuff recognises that “family” comes in all shapes & sizes (nuclear, extended, blended, divorced…), whatever way your family works is how Teamstuff works - everyone who needs to be in the know, is.

So from managers to players on big, little, adult or kids teams; from single users to all varieties of families - Teamstuff is designed with the best user experience firmly in mind, with the aim of making team life easy and enjoyable - every step of the way.

Project Marketing

For every person that uses Teamstuff and likes it, they'll want their whole team on board for maximum benefit, making word of mouth our greatest marketing tool.

We listen and respond to user feedback (actively fixing and improving stuff). We keep our users engaged with regular emails and feature alerts (new stuff, tips etc) such as the ability to translate into other languages for our international audience and do all the other stuff you're supposed to - good SEO, Google ads, Facebook and Twitter.

However, at Teamstuff we approach marketing the same way we do our app - with user benefit front of mind, eg. our Cash for Clubs promotion offered clubs money for signing up teams. We got the word out and the clubs got cash for their kitties.

The clubs loved Teamstuff but needed help too, so we created Teamstuff 4 Clubs, an app that integrates with Teamstuff to help club managers communicate with their teams. It’s one point of contact for all club stuff and a platform for clubs to raise money through sponsorship.

This has, again, exponentially expanded our growth model (some clubs have thousands of players…).

Of course, we have a master plan to include more awesome stuff soon, but for now we're focusing on perfecting what we've done so far and getting it directly to the people who need it.

Project Privacy

All Teamstuff traffic is sent over an SSL connection - 256-bit (AES_256_CBC, SHA1 and RSA) encryption.
We use tightly controlled security groups (on EC2 and RDS), slow hashing algorithms and salts for all passwords. By design, we can't retrieve your passwords. In addition, information put in profiles is shared only with team mates, and we will never pass your information on to third parties.


This category recognises applications that aid and facilitate productivity such as notes, diaries, word processors, schedulers, data entry and spreadsheet apps.
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