2017 TECH Design Awards

best new & best expanded services, best studio, best accelerator plus 17 specialist categories

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Project Overview

Shebah is Australia's most innovative all-female ride-sharing service. The app makes transportation safer for women while helping drivers earn money in a safe & empowering environment.

Project Commissioner

Shebah Pty Ltd

Project Creator

Hyper Apps Pty Ltd


George McEncroe - Shebah’s Founder
Sasha Reid - Production Director
David Leo - Project Lead
Sam Nissinen - Design & UX Director
Egor Lazarev - Design Lead

Project Brief

Shebah is Australia's most innovative all-female ride-sharing service.

The game-changing app aims to make both transportation and earning an income easier and more accessible to the women that often feel unsafe when riding with or driving for other providers.

George McEncroe, the inspiring founder behind Shebah, started thinking about the idea after she encountered the problem herself. Having to find some extra income, she turned to Uber, but quickly realised she wouldn't be able to drive nights because of the dangers involved.

Add the girls she'd heard and saw worry about getting home after classes or a night out, add the meticulousness with which they jotted down license plates and driver names, add the check-ups they performed to ensure they all got home safely, and you've got a disruptive business in the making.
One that doesn't just make things a little bit better, but solves a real-life problem with real-life implications.

The system is simple: you sign up, either as a driver or a rider, you fill in your information (and get vetted if you're a driver), and you're ready to go! As a driver, you get 85% of each ride, you make your own hours and you're doing it while helping yourself and other women.

Project Need

The fact of the matter is that too many women have had and continue to have bad ride sharing experiences with the men hired by the existing providers. Whether they're drivers or passengers, their rides have often left them feeling uncomfortable and even sexually harassed.

Shebah takes the common factor and takes it out of the experience. Women can and do feel safer now. The environment Shebah provides is not only secure and comforting but empowering as well.

Driving and getting home at night is no longer something the women that use Shebah have to worry about. And that's a huge leap forward. Shebah doesn't just make things easier or more entertaining, Shebah helps solve a serious worldwide problem while making a profit as well.

User Experience

Shebah’s user experience is heavily brand driven, and this shows in the overall craftsmanship of the app, as well as in our unique community tab which shows all the latest posts made by Shebah. This feature gives the user an opportunity to familiarise themselves with what the brand stands for while waiting for their ride.

We’ve also introduced specific options for capsules and toddler seats which are new for a ride sharing app.

While this is a female-driven app (literally), we intentionally took distance from stereotypical "girly" colours, a deliberate choice that aligns with the overall brand of Shebah: control, freedom, and independence for women.

Project Marketing

Shebah’s marketing strategy revolved heavily around the personality of its founder, George McEnroe.

Being featured in 30+ publications well before launch has helped build a large community of people that resonated with the core values and vision of the business.

When Shebah launched it saw thousands of new users and hundreds of new drivers sign up within days, and it was topping the trending searches nearly immediately.

Project Privacy

Shebah only collects the necessary data to ensure that the product operates as intended, is safe and in accordance with the law. Shebah commits to the protection of personal data and will never sell or share the data of its users. When personal data is collected they identify the purposes for which information is being collected.Shebah commits to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Concerning financials, at no time does Shebah have access to your personal financial details. These details are held by an external financial company trusted by companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Target and Adidas.

In short, Shebah has a very user-centric policy around data collection.

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