2017 TECH Design Awards

best new & best expanded services, best studio, best accelerator plus 17 specialist categories

the [app] design awards have grown into the [tech] design awards - change is good :)

Category Listing - Tag: Innovation

Best Tech Startup

Exactly as it states - we're looking for the best startup projects. Startup projects need to be newly emerging, less than 5 million users and less than 3 years old.  


Best API

APIs are fast becoming the scaffolding of the app world. Your entry will be an outstanding API that provides new potential for an App Design. It will provide a better, faster or easier way to integrate and expand functionality. Basically, it is the bomb, it knocks the others out of the park. In short - the best in its league.  


Best Accelerator Lab

The Best Accelerator recognises role of accelerators and incubators in driving innovation and developing tomorrows businesses today. The Best Accelerator lab is awarded to the innovation centre with to the most successful startups or projects in the awards. Each accelerator pre-purchases 10 nominations for $3,000USD - a reduction of approximately 40 per cent on extended nomination fees - and receives a nomination voucher code that they then distribute to up to ten of their selected tech startups or projects. The accelerator lab is acknowledged in the each of nominations and their logo features prominently on the nomination page. Purchase the Accelerator Pack and Nominate Now  


Best Expanded Service

The category recognizes expansion, transformation and growth. Open to projects in all categories with updates and developments that truly enhance the user experience and take your service to another level.  


Best New Service

This category recognizes the new tech service from a start-up to an industry leader. Innovation, exceeding user expectation and marketplace relevance are important considerations.