Key Dates

25 February - Launch Deadline
29 April - Standard Deadline
26 August - Final Deadline
9 September - Judging
16 September - Winners Announced
19 October - Awards Presentation

Project Overview

It is a human-oriented smart green office building.


Truedreams Construction CO., LTD



Project Brief

1. Persisting in green design techniques all the way starting with the design itself, to the massive selection of eco-friendly construction materials.
2. For the sustainable development of the enterprise, the goal is set as the smart green office building, with the planning characteristics including massive greening for the entire building; green energy combined with recyclable energy; obtain the platinum level for the U.S. LEED rating level for green buildings, as well as the diamond level for smart buildings…etc. providing comprehensive facilities and friendly contribution to the environment.
3. Integrate the public facilities into a club mode, which can be provided for rental to social welfare and charity groups other than usage by enterprise-related personnel.
4. Utilizing BIM technology for integration, including the selection of the site, the development, the planning, the construction to the combination of smart green building, thereby continuing the usage lifecycle of BIM, implementing social responsibility with the intention of getting in line with the international standards.
5. In line with the international standards, connected to the local.

Project Innovation/Need

1. Architectural concrete demonstrates the main expressions of the building, presenting an elegant, simple but characteristic tone without stealing the thunder from the old downtown, where the lasting external looks introduce eternity to the building in the torrent of time.
2. Multi-layered greening, with large-scale retraction and greening per layer and a ratio of green color reaching 573.75%.
3. Vertical Greening: The beehive-shaped multi-layer green wall features, flowers and grass demonstrating prosperity, enhancing the aesthetic of the landscape environment, introducing a sense of beauty to the city along with aesthetic competitiveness.
4. Each of the honeycomb and light presents abundant colors in the night light project, enhancing the visual attraction for space, while fully demonstrating the luminous environmental culture and the aesthetics of brightening.

Design Challenge

1. Implementing the four main elements of wind, light, water and greenness.
2. Guides in the fresh air, naturally decreases the temperature via raft foundation, as well as conducts schedule control with interlocked CO2 detection and APP, thereby sending fresh air to offices on the various floors in order to accomplish the goal of air interchange.
3. Develop and fulfill energy-saving and environmental protection through the construction of the new headquarters, where a green design has been set as the pre-requisite starting from the purchase of the land, therefore green energy project is set up for the roof, where large solar energy panels are installed on the roof, the low pollution and sunny energy source responds to the green energy policy, transforming sunlight into electrical power, creating power of about 25.8KW to contribute back to TaiPower, as well as reducing 16,985 tons of CO2, while inverter permanent-magnet motors and power regeneration system are adopted for the power-consuming elevators in the office building.
4. Combined with ventilating, sun-shading and planting functions while obtaining the beehive patented engineering. Integrated with water supply and drain, as well as lighting pipelines, allowing the beehive shape not only with plants for beautifying the looks, but also introducing stereoscopic greenness while bringing ventilation and sun-shade to indoor.
5. Water Resource Utilization: the recycling and re-use of rainwater.
6. Massive Amount of Water Landscape Planning for the Entire Project: changes the microclimate, purifies the air, blocks off noises and offers ecological planning.


Implements the recycle and re-use system for rainwater and further comprehensively planned water for purposes including toilets, cleaning and gardening…etc. using the approaches of “Finding Sources” and “Reducing Usage” simultaneously to optimize the water-saving efficacy.
Recyclable Construction Materials: the structure of this project adopted SRC as the green construction material, which used a significant amount of green and eco-friendly construction materials; the steel materials can be recycled, regenerated and reused, making it a green and eco-friendly material while improving the usage rate to effectively demonstrate energy-saving and carbon-reduction.


This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow. 
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