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25 February - Launch Deadline
29 April - Standard Deadline
24 June - Late Deadline
9 September - Judging
16 September - Winners Announced
19 October - Awards Presentation

David Jones Christmas Campaign [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Jessica Lindsay




Project Overview

In 2020, David Jones brought a new level of joy with their Christmas campaign. We had the pleasure to partner with their team to transform the interior and exterior of their Sydney flagship store at Elizabeth Street, bringing the Christmas Spirit to life in an unprecedented year, when everyone needed a bit of magic and hope.
We designed and created a unique experience on the store outside, with lush foliage and Christmas lights that achieved an eye-catching result. The store interior was planned floor by floor, distributing tailored elements throughout all departments and elevating the customer experience.

Project Commissioner

David Jones

Project Creator

Dashing Group


Steven Kemp - Commercial Director Asia Pacific
Aaron Dimstas - Key Account Manager
David Doyle - Creative Director
Andy Kyprianou-Brown - Studio & Project Manager
Lucas Hemingway - Industrial Designer
Sarah Spilsbury - Graphic Design & Animation

Project Brief

Dashing was briefed by the David Jones Visual Merchandising Marketing team to help develop and execute this year’s Christmas campaign in the exterior and interior of their Sydney Flagship destination at Elizabeth Street. With initial project discussions kicking off in February 2020, we worked closely together through planning, concept design & development, offshore manufacturing, shipping, and installation to ensure a successful campaign.
In-store, we developed the perfect level of detail across all printed and bespoke elements including acrylic totems, cardboard cuckoo clocks, die-cut birds on planter bed wraps, Christmas trees, fairy lights, and premium vibrant printed collateral capturing the spirit of Christmas. Externally, we sourced lush foliage treatments to follow the building façade and bring some much-needed magic for the Holiday season.

Project Innovation/Need

To highlight the Christmas spirit we have illuminated all the exterior of the store on the ground floor, generating an outstanding result and engaging customers. All fabricated framing and foliage were manufactured offshore and installed by our local team.
The interior of the store included 3D Paper engineered birds, Customised Garlands, and wreath displays throughout all store levels. Customised Bauble decorations were painted to specific PMS colours to match the campaign guidelines. Furthermore, we produced Acrylic totems, industrial-designed cardboard cuckoo clocks, die-cut birds to planter bed wraps, finished off with premium and vibrant printed collateral reinforcing the Christmas mood.

Design Challenge

The project was planned, designed, and produced throughout 2020, the year marked by a global pandemic. We had to deal with all the instabilities around the world crisis and keep managing offshore manufacturers. Our teams could not travel overseas, all had to be done through emails and video calls.
Additionally, the David Jones store at Elizabeth Street is a heritage-listed building, so the process involved multiple stakeholders from the city of Sydney, heritage consultants, construction engineers along with the DJ’s team, and subcontractors to ensure the aesthetic and structural requirements could be realised without compromising the heritage and protection of the building.


The dressing outside of the building following the theme in-store and throughout the building gave DJ’s famous Christmas celebration a huge facelift, drawing the consumers in from a distance to see the amazing Christmas window displays and in-store shopping experience.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for visual communication including traditional and digital signage intended to persuade an audience to purchase or take some action upon products, ideas or services. Consideration given to the technical, conceptual and aesthetic elements, audience engagement and message delivery.
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