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Penthouse Apartments, 60 Bathurst Street Sydney [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Chris Warnes



Project Overview

Located within the heart of Sydney CBD, the series of penthouse apartments within 60 Bathurst Street is not only enticing to potential homeowners solely through its convenient location.

The penthouse suites elevate residential living through the embedding of functionality, flexibility, and intuitive design, a considered curation of spatial experiences, demonstrating to the end-user that luxury is a way of living.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator

Stack Studio


Project Lead: Grace Lei Guo
Designer: Amy Sun, Andres Coll

Project Brief

A collection of penthouse apartments at the height of SHOKAI Ausbao's new Sydney CBD multi-purpose development at 60 Bathurst Street, the project brief required a further consideration for a heightened design, planning, and a strong spatial experience in comparison to the general apartments within the complex, without the heavy focus on the use of luxurious materials as the standard method of elevating an interior.

Responding to the client's brief of elevated design and spatiality, the design team demonstrated through focus of curated planning and implementation of design experiences as showcased within this series of penthouse apartments, that luxury is a way of living.

Project Innovation/Need

Commissioned at the height of the city's new housing development boom, there was an increased need to deliver a different experience compared to other developments, in addition to the elevation of design and offering from 60 Bathurst Street's general apartments as a penthouse suite.

The penthouses therefore allowed us to create intuitive opportunities and moments of fluidity through the living area's open space planning, such as with the kitchen design, where the initiation of activity at the wine cabinet leads into activity continuation by the kitchen island, in an efficient, smoothly flowing circulation. The open space planning also allows great flexibility for function hosting and guest entertaining, which when combined with the created moments, allow for a pleasant and fluid spatial experience.

The level of which end-user experience has been thought out throughout the apartment spaces allow the demonstration of luxury not being a focus of use of luxurious materials but rather a careful curation and spatial planning that creates moments within the use of space and integrating the end-user's lifestyle, experience, and potential wants in a home, through considered planning & joinery design.

Design Challenge

The penthouse apartments in 60 Bathurst Street have a smaller footprint in comparison to previously built penthouses in apartment complexes around Sydney. As such there was a heavier design focus on the apartments' space efficiency whilst still delivering a product meeting the expectations a buyer would have for a penthouse.

The apartment planning's greater focus on space efficiency also allowed for an open experience through the design decisions made by the design team allowing for a maximised spatial experience and open space for end-user flexibility, which is a valued commodity amongst urban living within an ever-growing city.


Sustainability was a notable focus during the design and construction phases of the project.

Integrated greenery was a carefully considered key component around the apartments during planning, which assists in alleviating the urban heat island effect that may affect the end-user experience during habitation, and promote a more comfortable living environment, given the penthouses' central location within the CBD.

The project was economically beneficial with its focus on local sourcing and use of natural materials, as well as utilising specialised local labour through the manufacturing of joineries and use of on-site contractors.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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