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Yamaha Genuine Parts & Accessories Website [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Rysen


Project Overview

Yamaha Motors Australia is one of the largest distributors of motor accessories in the country.

To keep up with the growing industry demand, Yamaha Motors Australia & New Zealand needed to give their Genuine Parts & Accessories eCommerce website a significant tune-up.

Yamaha partnered with Rysen and Switch to provide a bespoke solution and transform their website into an upscale, friendly and modern e-commerce platform. This site not only had to provide users with an enhanced and seamless shopping experience but also needed to celebrate the extensive network of Yamaha Enthusiasts, an integral part of Yamaha Motors Australia.

By adopting a collaborative approach to the project, Yamaha and Rysen were able to accelerate into a website which not only changed the behaviours of users but provided them with an enjoyable experience, all whilst driving sales on the website.

Project Commissioner

Yamaha Motors Australia

Project Creator



Yamaha Motor Australia
Corporate Digital Marketing Manager: Melina Abdur
Lead IT/ Tech: Daniel Camilleri
Digital Content & Marketing Coordinator: Emilia Philippou
Marketing Operations Supervisor: Tara-Lea Albury
Brand & Content Marketing Manager: Ollie Sharp

Lead Strategy: Ryuji Uematsu
Lead UX/UI Designer: Jerry Chang
UX/UI Designer: Chinthanie Kulatunge
Account Manager: Maddison Hauer

Project Manager: Jeferson Montanha
Account Manager: Jon Holcombe
Tech Lead: Sam O'Hare

Project Brief

Yamaha Motor Australia’s brief was to deliver a website with the following key objectives:

1. Employ best-in-class user experience practices.
2. Create a responsive website that can be seamlessly viewed on all devices.
3. Provide a seamless and intuitive shopping experience for customers.
4. Increase sales and drive promotions for Yamaha Genuine parts & accessories.
5. Increase dealership visits.
6. Create a cohesive experience between Yamaha Corporate & Yamaha Genuine Parts & Accessories site.
7. Adhere to the Yamaha look & feel and branding.

Adding to these objectives was Yamaha’s single-minded proposition to have dealers and customers believe ‘Yamaha is the brand I can trust, who provide high-quality compatible accessories for my Yamaha products’.

Rysen was engaged as a partner to deliver on these design objectives. Rysen delivered on undertook customer and user experience research, sitemap & information architecture and the complete redesign of the Genuine Parts & Accessories website. All of which built the foundation for a cutting edge site which revs your heart.

Project Need

Yamaha Motor Australia needed a website which supported both the dealer network and the Yamaha Enthusiast customers. The website needed to double up as a shop as well as the most up to date catalogue of products for dealers. It needed to be cohesive in design and experience with the Yamaha Corporate site, and be content-rich for researching. Yamaha needed flexibility in the site to help drive sales through promotion periods. These multifaceted goals lead to launching a website which ticks all the boxes.

User Experience

The new website was heavily reliant on employing the best user experience possible. The project commenced with the strategy and research component. Rysen started with a large competitor and industry analysis. In addition, Rysen involved key stakeholders in a customer and user journey workshop, resulting in a detailed customer journey map. The findings from these activities helped identify key opportunities for the redesign and built the foundation of the design process.

The collaborative approach to identifying key opportunities and pain points helped Rysen transform the digital experience. A key finding within the motor industry was to ensure the mega navigation is easily accessible and lends itself for easy browsing. This meant the information architecture needed to be optimised for the extensive number of product categories.

The key findings led to an arrangement of new features & benefits exclusive to the website. These new features and benefits include:

• A customer-first solution with an intuitive and streamlined shopping experience.
• An immersive and engaging customer journey experience.
• A brand new mega navigation making research and purchasing seamless.
• Richer product content and product imagery.
• A category page exclusive to housing engaging video & sound content.
• An article page dedicated to informational research and updates.
• A simplified checkout process making purchase and fulfilment effortless.

The overall outcome is a website which showcases its parts & accessories catalogue in an easy to use, instinctive way.

Project Marketing

Yamaha Genuine Parts & Accessories officially launched its new website internally as a soft launch to finalise the website before going public. The website is now launched with support from social platforms including Facebook and Instagram. The website is performing successfully with increased user engagement and purchases.

Project Privacy

This website follows all online privacy policies and standards. It is imperative Yamaha protects the information of their users. For more information, please see https://shop.yamaha-motor.com.au/privacy-policy

Digital design that makes our online retail experiences seamless and enjoyable or have that Wow factor is what will stand out here.
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