2019 Sydney Design Awards

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Project Overview

As an iconic landmark on the Melbourne skyline, 101 Collins Street is arguably Australia’s pre-eminent workplace community. For over 20 years, it has retained its premium status as a home to some of the city’s most prestigious and high profile tenants. It features a spectacular entry foyer, elegant artwork and classic architecture.

However in recent years, the building’s prime reputation was being challenged by new developments in the Melbourne CBD market. Rigorous research and future-focussed strategies were carried out in order to reposition and rebrand the building to retain it’s peerless status.

Following on from our involvement in the intensive research and strategy phases, Hundredweight developed the 101 Collins brand identity, brand architecture, communications, signage and website for AXA Investment Managers Australia.

Project Commissioner

AXA Investment Managers

Project Creator



Stephen Robertson - Creative Director
Craig Devitt - Managing Director
Martin Stone - Client Services Director
Sally Kwok - Designer

Project Brief

Our brief was to research, identify and reposition the 101 Collins brand to build upon its distinguished standing whilst ensuring it's future vision. It’s location, amenity and reputation are all well known in the marketplace, but with evolving competitors, 101 needed to redefine what prestige and luxury means in the modern and future workplace environment.

Additionally, the 101 Collins brand architecture needed to flex and expand to include new sub-brands for tailored spaces such as a premium wellness facility, tenant lounge and market-leading end-of-trip facilities.

Project Innovation/Need

Via comprehensive stakeholder interviews and visioning workshops, the unique brand essence of 'Status Redefined’ was selected to position 101 Collins as 'the ideal place to realise your professional potential'. As a guiding design principle, this essence was carried through the rebranding process and acted as a foundation from which to embrace the future of the building.

A flexible brand identity system was created which included a new, more refined logo and graphic framing device which highlights the multi-facetted and distinguished culture of 101 Collins.
Comprehensive brand guidelines were also developed to fully articulate the new positioning as well as set parameters for the creation of a family of sub-brands.

Quarterly 101 Collins publications and an ongoing calendar of community activations further engage tenants to re-enforce the fact that they reside within a truly iconic, prestigious and future-focused building.

Design Challenge

As a Sydney based design studio, Hundredweight were tasked with providing a fresh, external perspective on a renowned Melbourne workplace community, brand and culture. Our aim was to redefine what prestige and luxury means for a modern and future workplace environment. We needed to reposition and evolve the brand to support this vision, without departing from its classic and established status. Our aim was to challenge the traditional aesthetic of ‘luxury’ and genuinely express quality, experience, style and elegance through timeless brand experiences.


The tenants of 101 Collins have embraced the rebrand and have noted the building’s more progressive nature, with communications around personalised service, market-leading third space facilities and events all exceeding their expectations. As brand, 101 Collins now appears to be much more than an iconic Melbourne business address, it’s an an ever-evolving, prestigious and luxurious workplace, today, tomorrow and beyond.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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