2018 Sydney Design Awards

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Photo Credit : Images 1 - 8 by Andrew Worssam Images 9 & 10 of the boardroom by Shannon McGrath/Unispace




Project Overview

Pernod Ricard by The Bold Collective is a project that blurs the boundaries between hospitality and workplace. The company’s premium nature is reflected in the use of sophisticated finishes and high quality craftsmanship detail. Furthermore, the workplace model adopted promotes collaboration and moments of conviviality, which were key project drivers.

Project Commissioner

Pernod Ricard

Project Creator

The Bold Collective


Ali McShane, Monika Branagan, Kristy Lee, Christina Maricic

Project Brief

Pernod Ricard was making the transition from a disjointed office in North Ryde to a spacious 2500m2 in Level 43, Tower 1 Barangaroo. We were briefed by Unispace’s workplace strategy team with the recommendation that Pernod was to adopt an agile neighbourhood model. Our interpretation of this brief was to include multiple informal meeting, collaborative and innovative areas alongside team tables, quiet working and contemplative zones.

The brief was to reflect the premium nature of their brands through a level of sophistication of finishes and refined detailing. A large strategy piece created the roadmap to the new way of working with an agile, neighbourhood approach adopted. Consequently we designed a variety of work settings from collaborative lounges to high benches, innovation zone, huddle spaces, quiet working, enclosed meeting spaces, wine tasting lab and formal boardroom.

Pernod Ricard’s tagline ‘Moments of Conviviality’ was translated into the new environment  by ensuring that all spaces were inviting and softened through an abundance of vines and plush upholsteries. A celebration of their varied brands was realised through environmental graphics and bespoke joinery display areas for bottles of wine and spirits. The outcome is a flexible, connected and collaborative environment that drives innovation through great planning, design and technology.

Project Innovation/Need

The approach we took in our design thinking was unlike that of a typical workplace project. The emphasis placed on hospitality resulted in the design of a bar that operates more like a commercial bar than a workplace breakout. In this way the Pernod project is a great example of how contemporary workplaces are continuing to evolve and previous distinctions between work and recreation are challenged. Spaces within the fitout have been designed to be multi-purpose and not restricted by the lens of typical workplace design thinking.

Further, the detailing of joinery was reflective of the high quality craftsmanship of the Pernod brands and again, by considering the project outside the realms of a workplace, we drew inspiration from the detailing found in high end hotels and hospitality interiors.

The planning methodology adopted enables the state of the art mechanical infrastructure to perform to its optimum and provides Pernod with a more economical and sustainable environment.

Design Challenge

The floorplates in Tower One have some distinct challenges and to a degree dictate the functionalities of the spaces. A narrow area leading off from the lift core is a natural reception in terms of proximity, but lacking in proportion. Consequently, we designed this area more like a hotel concierge space, with a large product display area framing the seating for visitors and providing visibility through to the workplace. It was obvious from the outset that the bar should be the heart of the interior, and the architecture informed the decision of where to locate this easily. We positioned it within one of the double height zones known in Barangaroo as ‘vertical villages’ and the panoramic views looking north towards Sydney Harbour Bridge add a real wow factor to the bar’s stylish interior.

A core element of the brief was to reflect the premium nature of their brands and the finishes, detailing and overall aesthetic all convey a high level of sophistication. By considering the project outside the realms of a workplace, we drew inspiration from the detailing found in high end hotels and hospitality interiors. For example, the reception desk, banquette joinery and bar design have a refined level of craftsmanship to reflect the premium nature of the company. We designed tapered brass legs in these key joinery items rather than standard plinths with built-in skirting as another subtle detail that elevates these items to key statement pieces.


With all our material choices we strive to choose locally sourced materials from companies that are conscious of their environmental impact. For the Pernod Ricard project we worked closely with local Australian company AWM to design custom furniture and joinery that is manufactured right here in Sydney, choosing high quality finishes and details that are designed for longevity. This reduced the carbon footprint of the project significantly.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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