2018 Sydney Design Awards

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Project Overview

With a vision to break the mould of how Real Estate is sold, this space took on the role of being a place to come together for staff and clients; not a traditional office. Drawing on luxury residential cues, the boardroom feels more like a dining room, the meeting room appears more like a lounge room with an elevated sense of luxury flowing through to the workspace. An impeccable focus on materiality and texture, raw honed stone, fabric wall papers, exotic veneers, hand cut leather panelling and curved frameless glass all came together with the amazing styling of Cordony Design.

Project Commissioner

LJ Hooker

Project Creator

Prospace Australia Pty Ltd


Prospace Design - Interior Design
Al-Chami Projects - Project Management
Cordony Design - Interior Design + Styling

Project Brief

Following an extensive design process with a different firm, the end result didn't suite the clients needs - this is where we Prospace came in. With a fresh approach and time being of the essence, we asked why we were changing the look and feel and focussed on what the space needed to achieve.

The answer was to change the perception of real estate. This office needed to act not as a base for the sales team, but a welcome for clients that the sales team had met out in the field, where they could come and consider their next sale or purchase. With elevated luxury and a sense of familiarity with the properties being purchased or sold, the perception from the street was to create intrigue - not clearly a real estate office.

Project Innovation/Need

Property is a very stereotypical look and feel and this project was briefed to change that mould.

There are no "For Sale" boards in the window, rather an aspirational space with materials that emulate the kitchen bench, joinery that relates to the living room or lounge room in the properties that LJ Hooker are marketing.

With convenience built into every corner of the offices and meeting rooms, our focus was to deliver an office that the team wanted to spend time in and importantly made the customer feel like they were somewhere special.

Design Challenge

The timeline for this project was tight, with an expected commencement on site only a couple of months from the commencement of the design process.

Very quickly function was resolved and the space laid out, so that care and consideration could be applied to finishes through the space.

With a low ceiling that required services throughout, retaining the maximum height of the timber slatted ceiling was paramount.

Concealed storage in all areas of the office were important as we didn't want to see traditionally what is the normal in a real estate office, property files, facilities and equipment etc needed to be out of sight.

The client parallel to this was working on an IT System that minimised equipment in the workspace and improved efficiency.

The exceptional co-ordiantion of all interior furniture spec by Cordony Design was another challenge on lead times, given the uncompromising focus of our client the end result demonstrates some unique sourcing talent!


As a new development, the site was handed over in a clean manner so there was no need to sustainably defit the space. Consideration was taken through the specification of materials to ensure all wall finishes were low voc, timber was fsc certified and recycled or recyclable content used throughout.

The decision to source locally and use craftsmen in their respective trades was a natural response to the care and quality that we were adamant needed to be seen in the space.

From a local Sydney Tannery that cut and installed the hand crafted leather wall, to the use of natural materials that were beautifully detailed in the joinery by partners in Sydney.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow. 
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