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Jewel / Pierside [DRAFT]

Photo Credit : Tom Ferguson



Project Overview

Draped in its shimmering gold veil, Jewel does all these things. It captivates, it engages and like the best urban architecture, it marries a vibrant social sphere with exhilarating design.

Completed in October 2017, Jewel and Pierside is a 10,420sqm north-facing waterfront property located at 1 Burroway Rd, Wentworth Point, NSW. The site is adjacent to the Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Wharf and the Sydney Olympic Parklands.

The site benefits from its proximity to the 635 hectare Sydney Olympic Park Precinct. This Precinct enjoys world-class infrastructure, sporting and recreational facilities, parklands, and is in a pivotal location, being 13km from the Sydney CBD and 8km from the Parramatta CBD. The Precinct is serviced by train, bus and ferry, resulting in outstanding accessibility to the entire metropolitan area.

The 9 storey mixed-use development consists of 256 Residential Apartments, 3,500sqm of ground floor retail containing a small supermarket, restaurant/café, specialty retail and a child care centre. and 414 Basement Carparks over 3 levels (310 Residential, 104 Retail/Commercial).

Jewel was extremely well received, with 197 of the 249 apartments available for sale exchanged on the day of the launch and subsequently all apartments sold within weeks following the launch. Pierside has leased very well with only a very small amount of retail left to lease.





PAYCE - Developer
Sekisui House Australia - Developer
Sydney Olympic Park Authority - Owner
HDR | Rice Daubney - Concept Architect
Stanisic Architects - Architect
Turner - Interior Architect,
Context - Landscape Architect
Ionic Management - Project Manager
Dasco Australia - Builder
LINK - Sales & Marketing

Project Brief

Commanding the best position at the northernmost tip of Wentworth Point, Jewel offers a glittering new world of truly radiant harbour living. It represents the culmination of many years of dedication and vision, breathing life into what is now regarded as Sydney’s leading resort peninsula, Wentworth Point. The views are simply extraordinary. The architecture, phenomenal. Jewel’s stunning, gold-sheathed design is destined to create a new focus for this important harbour front site.

Jewel is designed as a series of three low-rise residential buildings each with access to private open space. The total number of apartments is 256 and they are located above Pierside, a 4,126sqm retail precinct.

Jewel (residential) and Pierside (retail) are progressive and engaging food and lifestyle community precincts located at the Ferry Wharf at Wentworth Point. Pierside is now the retail heart for the broader community and contributes significantly to the long-term economic viability and future growth of Wentworth Point.

Pierside’s stunning outdoors are made for dining and unwinding. Whether you’re relaxing with a midmorning coffee or enjoying dinner with friends, the al fresco atmosphere and sparkling views are why you’ll want to stay that little bit longer. Tailored to make your life more effortless, Pierside’s relaxed atmosphere is the perfect balance between ‘everyday’ and ‘special’. In addition to the convenience of IGA and a medical centre, there are hair and beauty options, with a café, juice bar, restaurants and a childcare centre.

Project Innovation/Need

We wanted to create something memorable – a memorable place and a memorable building. Jewel has these elegant, slender finger forms draped in this beautiful gold sheath, a veil of golden screening that mimics the Harbour’s reflected and refracted light.

It’s a very dynamic piece of architecture with the ground floor activated by the retail sphere and this shifting landscape of gold activating the entire building. In contrast to the bold gold veil, beautiful soft grey hues and sandblasted glass allow the gold to be the hero.

What makes this an award-winning mixed-used development?

We’ve created a piece of architecture that stretches out to the water like slender fingers. This not only allows amazing views and light into the entire building but also seamlessly links the waterfront, ferry wharf and Jewel’s new retail precinct into the entire suburb.

Design Challenge

Jewel undertook a fundamentally different approach where the built form creates the opportunity to link the existing waterfront with the suburb of Wentworth Point.

- The built form creates a series of public spaces which link activation and movement.
- The public and private uses of the building are integrated and enrich each other.
- The role of the building as an icon means it provides a visual benefit to the community.
- The Ferry Wharf is reinforced by the sight lines through the site, drawing connection and orientation.
- The open-air plaza of ‘ferry walk’ celebrates the outdoors and proximity to the water.
- The opportunity to connect with the proposed school to the east is complemented by a pedestrian link.
- Vehicular traffic, such as the retail car park and the residential car park, are accessed from different roads.
- The loading dock is aligned with the major retail.
- Bike parking is grouped at access points to the site.
- Roads have been designed to allow for special event bus parking and turning circles for buses.
- Pedestrian linkages allow greater levels of activity.


What’s wonderful about Jewel is that you have this seamless blanket of public parklands, a legacy of the Sydney Olympics, set in this incredible waterfront environment. You have this luxurious building, anchored to its magnificent site with the bustling waterfront dining and café experience of Pierside retail below. This aperture-like avenue mediates between the Harbour and ferry wharf and the existing suburb of Wentworth Point.

There’s a wonderful green aesthetic throughout the 400-odd hectares that make up Jewel’s neighbouring Sydney Olympic Parklands. We’ve picked up on that lushness, but given it variety and added a Mediterranean coastal flavour with flowering bougainvillea, evergreen trees and textural shrubs.

Running through the centre of Jewel is Pierside retail and it runs in a natural design line from the wharf along Ferry Walk. Here we’re looking at a central avenue of palm trees, a tall green architectural canopy that will naturally define, shade and animate the shopping and al fresco dining streets while retaining vistas to the water.

On the south-east corner, there’s a public square. Grounding these pedestrian spaces we’ve used beautiful, large format paving. Throughout the site there’s this constant interaction between the beauty of the coast, the architecture and the landscaping. It celebrates and enhances the natural amenity that’s already here, and draws people out to enjoy Jewel’s diverse surroundings. Everything about this place – the harbour, the lushness, the shimmering golden homes – is simply radiant.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow. 
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