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Creating The Code Read (Dyslexia Network) Brand [DRAFT]





Project Overview

Despite 1 in 10 people having dyslexia, it’s still poorly understood by the teaching profession and government. Children often have to face years of shame, bullying and discrimination as they wait for a proper diagnosis.

Project Commissioner

Code Read Dyslexia Network

Project Creator



Sandy Belford - Director
Emily Jones Senior Account Director
Annabelle Overton Business Development Executive
Renee Stekel Account Director
Hamish Cargill Director of Brand Language
Lisa Wilson Writer
Simon Wright Executive Creative Director
Darren Swain Creative Director
James Welch Design Director
David Cunningham Head of Production and Finished Art
Hayden Mathys Finished Artwork and Motion Graphics

Project Brief

The Dyslexia Network is a forum for parents and professionals (mainly on social media) intent on reducing the stress, misinformation and hardship around dyslexia.

The brief was to create a new name and identity that serves this important mission.

Project Innovation/Need

The organisation is an authority on dyslexia and now has a stronger brand platform to change minds (raise awareness) and change lives (support dyslexic children and their families).

Importantly, while dyslexia is to be recognised as a disability (and requires different methods of teaching), it’s no indication of a child’s unique brilliance and how far they can go with the right support.

Design Challenge

We created the name, Code Read (“red”) to signal the urgency of their cause and position them firmly in the field of literacy improvement. Dyslexia Network was kept as a secondary element.

The new name lives within a bold visual identity that allows Code Read to campaign for urgent change and strengthen its network of support.


The new Code Read identity was launched in October 2017 for Dyslexia Awareness Month. Featured on TV and now more active on social media than ever, the new identity has already given the team new confidence and raised their profile.“We’ve had such fantastic feedback about our branding, and are really ready to start disrupting!” says Julie Hermansen of Code Read.
“We’re so proud of our brand and how it’s been received by our support groups. We couldn’t be happier,” agreed Anita Hellevik, also from Code Read.

This award celebrates creativity and innovation in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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